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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Aranahe Community Contributions Quests - Avatar

Jarrod Garripoli

There are three main clans in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the first of which is the Aranahe Clan. After The Aranahe Clan main story quest, you will speak with Nefika again to gain this series of side quests. She will explain that the Na’vi have community baskets in each of their camps and homes, where others can contribute to each community with what they need. These requests will usually come in the form of a specific item, either a material or a piece of equipment. Sometimes, you might require a certain quality, like Superior or Exquisite.

Note that some of the Na’vi Camps are polluted and although you can still discover them, you will need to clear the nearby RDA outpost/camp first in order to gain access to the basket there, as well as unlock the fast travel to it. Of course, to complete the Community Contributions quest, you will only need to do a total of 15 of the 21 baskets. There is one you won’t be able to do until you open up the second region, the Upper Plains, but the rest of them are possible while you’re still in Kinglor Forest.

(1 of 2) The Na’vi Camps are marked on the map with the following icons.

The Na’vi Camps are marked on the map with the following icons. (left), You will sometimes have to clear nearby RDA facilities to cleanse the area. (right)

All Aranahe Community Contributions Rewards

You will sometimes receive a cosmetic for an individual basket, but each part of the actual quest will reward you with some piece of equipment, along with its design.

Quest Reward
Part 1 Superior Gatherer Armband
Part 2 Superior Beaded Waistcloth
Part 3 Exquisite Master Hunter Longbow

All Silk Woods Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Hometree Shelter Fruit Any
High Loom Hexapede Tooth Any
Weaver’s Flourish Stormsky Bamboo Shoots Any
Hunter’s Rest Viperwolf Tooth Any
Leaning Glade Kinglor Forest Sol’s Delight Bast Any
Healing Sanctuary Gatherer Waistcloth Any

This set of items doesn’t really have anything that stands out. The Sol’s Delight Bast is from the plant with the tendrils that electrocute you upon getting too close. Go behind them and look for the items to harvest on the sides. You should receive the design for the Gatherer Waistcloth relatively early in the game, but you will probably have a few of them just lying around, so you can just donate one of them.

All Gossamer Lake Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Shaded Grove Blaze Fruit Any
Towering Bow Octofin Fish Any
Sage’s Nook Sage Mushroom Superior/Exquisite

Blaze Fruit requires the Ikran, as they tend to be found on the sides of cliffs and you won’t be able to get them on foot.

All Shadow Wood Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Coiling Spool Hammerhead Horn Superior/Exquisite
River’s Run Nimble Bow Any
Braided Vine Stairfoot Bark Any
Shadow’s End Canopy Root Superior/Exquisite
Boundless Watch Sturmbeest Fatty Meat Superior/Exquisite

(1 of 2) Hammerheads can come after you, so be careful.

Hammerheads can come after you, so be careful. (left), Your Na’vi Sense will tell you what quality you’ll get from the beast. (right)

The Hammerhead Titanothere is wildlife you will see most often in the Bamboo Grove and they can be aggressive if you bother them. It appears you always get a Hammerhead Horn if you kill one, but you need a Superior or Exquisite version. Rarer versions are more often found in clearings and along riverbanks in the same biome. Don’t forget to use your Na’vi Sense to determine the rarity of the animal before you go after it. Sturmbeest are quite common and are also found in the Bamboo Grove biome, with the rarer versions also being in the clearings and along riverbanks. They are easier to kill, though, and will run away from you.

All Stoneblade Ridge Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Fallen Hunter Forest Seaweed Bast Any
Over Gentle Water Cave Root Any
Thundering Falls Sky Rock Moss Superior/Exquisite
Haven on the Ridge Fortune’s Fruit Any

The only item that you can’t get from this set is the Cave Root, as it doesn’t spawn in the Kinglor Forest. You will need to wait until you have access to the second region, the Upper Plains before you can get Cave Root.

All Rising Spires Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Sunshade Silks Vineshroom Superior/Exquisite
Stone Refuge Shell Fruit Any
Spearhead Point Relun’s Meaty Soup Any

Checking out the basket at Spearhead Point will give you the recipe for Relun’s Meaty Soup. This one calls for Superior or Exquisite versions of the Hexapede Fatty Meat and Scarab Crawler Fatty Meat. There doesn’t seem to be a particular spot for rarer versions of the Scarab Crawler, so you’ll need to just keep hunting them in the Swamp Lowlands biome of the Kinglor Forest. For the rarer Hexapedes, check the clearings and riverbanks in the Rainforest biome of the Kinglor Forest.

All Waterway Valley Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Foragers’ Meeting Lionberry Fiber Any
Woven Marsh Bruised Moss Superior/Exquisite
Wetwood Nest Relun’s Fish Stew Any

(1 of 2) The fishing spots are where you want to go for the Mudcrawler Fish.

The fishing spots are where you want to go for the Mudcrawler Fish. (left), They seem to be the only source of the rarer variants. (right)

You will receive the recipe for Relun’s Fish Stew upon checking the basket at Wetwood Nest. This recipe calls for Superior or Exquisite versions of the Mudcrawler Fish and Crimson Mushroom. The Mudcrawler Fish is a bit annoying, as it seems those versions don’t spawn in the wild, meaning you’ll have to resort to the fishing spots. The fishing spots in the Gossamer Lakes area do appear to give you these, although the fish you get from a fishing spot is random. Just aim your bow at the ripples and wait for it to turn red before firing, which will net you a fish.

All Spinner’s Circle Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Filigree Branch Stormsky Resin Superior/Exquisite

Stormsky Resin is found in the Bamboo Grove west of the Shadow Wood area, which is towards the western end of Kinglor Forest. Stormsky Bamboo is a very thick bamboo, but for this material, you need the pieces that have fallen to the ground, as the resin only appears to be on those. For the Superior/Exquisite versions, the further west you go, the greater the chance you will see that quality.

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