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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Sulphur Pod Locations - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Scott Peers

The Sulphur Pod in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is one of the more useful materials that you can harvest. It’s primarily used in ammunition recipes for your bow, but you need to craft a specific type of bow that uses Grenade Arrows before you can make use of it. The Sulphur Pod can also be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look, especially since the Hunter’s Guide entry for it has one of the vaguest descriptions for any material, telling you to look for Sulphur Pods on “great trees” which it claims are found “throughout Pandora”. In truth, most of these trees can be found in Kinglor Forest. On this page, we’ll show you some of the best places to find Sulphur Pods in the game.

There are many different tree types in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. We’ll show you how to find Great Trees on this page!

Best Locations for Sulphur Pods in Avatar

At first glance of the Sulphur Pod entry in the Hunter’s Guide, you might think that you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding them throughout the game world. The entry suggests that they are commonly found on “great trees” throughout the Western Frontier of Pandora. However, these great trees don’t have an entry of their own in the Hunter’s Guide, and they can’t be identified as you explore in the same way that Petrified, Blood, or Windbent trees are when using your Na’vi sense.

What is a “Great Tree” in Avatar?

The lack of detail in the Hunter’s Guide entry for Sulphur Pods actually makes them one of the more difficult materials to find, but once you know where to look you can begin to farm them relatively easily. The first thing you should know is that great trees aren’t necessarily defined by their size. You can find enormous trees in abundance throughout Kinglor Forest, but not all of them will have Sulphur Pods on them. At the same time, some of the smallest trees that you encounter might be the ones that have the pods growing on them.

Which Biomes Have Great Trees and Sulphur Pods?

The Kinglor Forest is home to several different biomes including Rainforest, Bamboo Grove, Big Leaf, Wild Vines, Thorny Wilds, Great Roots, and Swamp Lowlands. There are trees in almost all of these biomes with varying levels of density, but only a couple of them have the kinds of trees that yield Sulphur Pods in high numbers. These are the Great Roots and Rainforest biomes, both of which have the highest density of trees, if not other foliage, in Kinglor Forest. You may find some Sulphur Pods on trees in the other biomes, but your chances will be lower.

As far as we can tell, finding a great tree in the Upper Plains or Clouded Forest is incredibly rare, if not impossible. For this reason, you’ll want to return to the Kinglor Forest whenever you need to replenish your stock of Sulphur Pods, and given that fast traveling is relatively easy in Avatar, this shouldn’t be a problem. The best place we found for harvesting Sulphur Pods was among the trees around Hometree, the Aranahe Clan Home, located in the center of Kinglor Forest.

(1 of 2) Hometree is located near the center of Kinglor Forest.

Hometree is located near the center of Kinglor Forest. (left), You can toggle visible biomes from the bottom left when you check your map. (right)

You can find Sulphur Pods in the trees all around Hometree, but we found them in greater abundance in the trees directly to the east of it. Just make sure you don’t go so far into the Bamboo Grove biome, where you’ll struggle to find them.

How to Find and Harvest Sulphur Pods

As mentioned above, you won’t be able to identify a great tree using your Na’vi sense, but you’ll still need to use it when examining different trees for them. The first thing you should do is go to the Sulphur Pod entry in your Hunter’s Guide, then pin the item to your pinned list of materials. This will ensure that any Sulphur Pods you encounter while scanning trees will be highlighted in yellow, distinguishing them from other materials. You can see an example of this in the screenshot below.

If you continue to scan trees in the Rainforest and Great Roots biomes, you’re bound to find Sulphur Pods soon enough. One thing to keep in mind is that they can be seen along the entire length of a tree trunk, so you should scan all parts of a tree before you discount it. When it comes to actually harvesting the pod, you’ll need to climb the tree by jumping on its branches to reach it. You’ll find that all the trees that have Sulphur Pods on them also have climbable trunks, so this is another useful method of distinguishing them.

(1 of 2) Use your Na’vi sense to highlight Sulphur Pods in yellow after pinning them from the Hunter’s Guide.

Use your Na’vi sense to highlight Sulphur Pods in yellow after pinning them from the Hunter’s Guide. (left), This is what a Sulphur Pod looks like up close. (right)

What Are Sulphur Pods Used For?

Now that you know where to find Sulphur Pods with some reliability, you may be wondering what they’re used for. As touched on above, their primary use is for crafting explosive pods that can be attached to your arrows. These are officially referred to as Grenade Arrows, and they can only be crafted when you equip a bow that can fire them. You can check if your bow can do this by hovering over it in the crafting menu or in your inventory, where you’ll see the type of special arrow that it uses directly beneath the damage indicator.

Nimble Longbow – Grenade Arrows

You can actually craft a bow that is capable of firing Grenade Arrows early in the game. This is the Nimble Longbow, the recipe for which you’ll have access to by default. All you need to craft it is any Fine branch, which you’ll find in abundance throughout the world. Although the bow doesn’t inflict great damage with its regular arrows, you can use the Grenade Arrows to inflict massive damage to groups of enemies, or to the armor on AMP mechs.

Sling – Stink Satchels

Aside from Grenade Arrows, you can also use Sulphur Pods to craft Stink Satchels for your Sling. The Sling is acquired as part of the main story, and you don’t need a special variant of it before you can craft Stink Satchels, unlike the special requirement for a specific bow with Grenade Arrows. Stink Satchels are used as more of a crowd-control measure than a damage-inflicting asset. They will inflict some damage over time to groups of enemies, but at the same time, they will cloud their vision and disorient them for a few seconds. This allows you to move in for the kill or focus on a nearby objective.

(1 of 2) You’ll see this explosive pod at the end of the arrow when using Grenade Arrows.

You’ll see this explosive pod at the end of the arrow when using Grenade Arrows. (left), You can craft the Nimble Longbow from the beginning of the game. (right)

If you still need help finding these Sulphur Pods, or you want to see climbing one of the trees in action, see the video below!

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