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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Best Weapons in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the biggest factors in increasing your Combat Strength in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is your equipment. The more powerful your equipment is, the higher your Combat Strength (or level) will be. This also includes your weapons, which are equally as important to level, since you have to defeat a plethora of enemies with them. There are seven different weapon types in the game, although only six of them can be upgraded in terms of power. This page will look at the best weapons for each of the six categories.

Upgrading and crafting better weapons is an important part of the game.

How to Gather the Best Ingredients in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Before diving into the best weapons, you will want to know how to gather the top materials for them. In order to do this, you will first want to head to the Stone Safety Na’vi Camp in the Mother of Rivers area of the Upper Plains. The Community Basket here will give you the recipe for Navao’s Mushroom Pie, which grants Perfect Gathering bonus, and using Cloud Spitter Seeds in a recipe will give the Nimble Gather II buff. That second one will boost the stats of a material when gathering by 15%. If you can manage to get your hands on Pale Fire Seeds (the worst of the Pale materials to get), you can add that to a recipe for Nimble Gatherer III (20% boost).

In addition to this, you will want to max the Maker skill tree, as the Apex Skill is very good. Essentially, any equipment you craft will be more powerful than without that skill. After getting all of the skills, you will be tasked with making an Energizing Longbow, which requires Exquisite versions of a Dawnsheen Branch, a Shaded Waterweed Bast, and a Hammerhead Horn (one from each main region). Upon getting all the materials, craft the weapon to unlock the Apex Skill.

(1 of 2) Novao’s Mushroom Pie is the best dish to consume when hunting for crafting materials.

Novao’s Mushroom Pie is the best dish to consume when hunting for crafting materials. (left), Getting the Maker tree’s Apex Skill will make your crafted equipment more powerful. (right)

Best Longbow - So’lek’s Furtive Longbow

The Longbow is your first weapon type in Avatar and is extremely useful throughout the entirety of the game. The best weapon in this category is undoubtedly the So’lek’s Furtive Longbow, which you can purchase the design for from So’lek at the Resistance HQ in the Clouded Forest. One of the reasons this is the best option for Longbows is that you can use any of the designated materials to make it. You’re not shoehorned into using specific items, like with any other of the Exquisite-tier longbows, and having a weaker weapon. While the passive ability isn’t the best, it has Grenade Arrows and those can be great against RDA mechs.

Best Heavy Bow in Avatar

There are two options for the best Heavy Bow, one of which is the So’lek’s Survivor Heavy Bow. Similar to the longbow above, you can get this from So’lek at the Resistance HQ in Clouded Forest. The passive is actually pretty nice on this one since it will restore 10% of your health after killing an enemy, so if you are in a firefight with some RDA or being attacked by a group of wildlife, it will come in handy. Additionally, it has broad crafting materials, so you can make it as strong as you want.

The second option for the Heavy Bow is the Black Wind Heavy Bow, which is gotten during The Black Wind side quest in the Upper Plains (you don’t have to even finish it, since you get the design during it). It has Flame Arrows for its special ammo and a passive that increases your damage if the target has a status effect (fire counts as this). It might come out a little weaker than the other Heavy Bow, but it’s still a great weapon that doesn’t use specific materials.

(1 of 2) So’lek will be the source of most of the best non-gun weapons in the game.

So’lek will be the source of most of the best non-gun weapons in the game. (left), You just need to get the designs from him after he moves to the Resistance HQ in the Clouded Forest. (right)

Best Shortbow in Avatar

Once again, you have two different options for the best Shortbow in the game, with either one being a good choice. The So’lek’s Merciless Shortbow is easier to get since you simply get it from So’lek at the Resistance HQ in the Clouded Forest. This bow has access to Storm Arrows, great for RDA mechs, but the passive increases your move speed after hitting a weakspot. You can also use any of the designated materials to craft it.

The Survivor Shortbow is one you get from fully completing the Kame’tire Community Contributions quests (all three parts), then speaking to Zamhil back at The Hollows once you have finished. This Shortbow uses Poisoned Arrows for its special ammunition and will restore 10% of your health after killing an enemy. That’s definitely a better passive and it pretty much uses the same materials, too, although you do need Cloud Pine Resin specifically, instead of just any other resin.

Best Spear-Thrower - Fearless Warrior Spear-Thrower

If you haven’t caught onto it yet, the best Spear-Thrower in the game is undoubtedly the Fearless Warrior Spear-Thrower. You can get the design for this from So’lek, once you reach the Resistance HQ in the Clouded Forest. This is one of two Exquisite designs you can get, but the other requires a specific Bone from the Upper Plains, so it will be weaker than this one. Also, the passive will give you +40% ranged resistance for a short period after killing an enemy, which is great if you’re using the Spear-Thrower while fighting RDA mechs.

Best Shotgun in Avatar

If you want to blast through the game without a care in the world, you can use a Shotgun. There are two different Shotguns that are good here, with one being the Gravedigger Shotgun. This one has the higher damage of the two, but its passives aren’t as good as the other. You can find this shotgun at the Stone Processor Alpha RDA Outpost, on the eastern side of the Shattered Bridge area of the Upper Plains. Clear the outpost like usual and you’ll find it in a locked chest (use SID to open it) in the rewards room. Ammo Scavenger increases the ammo you can get from lockers and defeated AMPs, while Efficient Tactics increases your damage by 20% on the next attack after hitting a weakspot.

(1 of 2) You can get some strong weaponry from the chests after clearing RDA outposts.

You can get some strong weaponry from the chests after clearing RDA outposts. (left), Some of the chests will be locked, so you’ll need to use your SID to hack them open. (right)

The other shotgun is called the Feral Hunter Shotgun and you receive it from one of the chests in the facility during The Feral Hunter side quest. It has a little less damage over the other shotgun above, but the passives might be a little better. Brutal Intimidation will increase your ranged resistance by 40% for a brief period after killing an enemy. Lethal Momentum will increase your damage by 20% for a small time after killing an enemy. So, you get some good defensive and offensive options after killing an enemy.

Best Assault Rifle - M69-AR Amok

Should you be using the Assault Rifle, you will need to take out another of the RDA Outposts. For the M69-AR Amok, which might be the most powerful of the assault rifles, you will be going to Horizontal Miner Bravo outpost in the northern end of the Clouded Forest. Clear the outpost and you will find it in a chest in the rewards room. Lethal Momentum increases your damage by a bit for a brief period, upon killing an enemy. Sliding Strike will increase your damage for the next attack after sliding.

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