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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Take Flight Walkthrough in Avatar - Getting your Ikran

Ben Chard

You’ve taken the time to make allies of the Aranahe Clan and Etuwa has decided that the time has come for you to bond with your very own Ikran! This is the 10th main quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, and arguably one of the most important as getting your Ikran, and thus, access to the skies allows you to reach new places! Keep reading to learn how to find and bond with your Ikran in the Kinglor Forest!

By the end of Take Flight, you’ll have your very own Ikran to use in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora!

Meet Nefika at the Entrance to the Ikran Rookery

If you’ve been looking at your map often, you may have spotted a series of floating mountains in the south of the Kinglor Forest. Well, the time has come to finally venture up there, as that’s where you’ll find the Ikran Rookery. The RDA installation you took out in the previous quest is a prime fast-travel spot for you, as it’s only a short run to the southwest to find the bottom of these floating mountains.

There are a few collectibles along the way if you’ve not already got them, Bellsprigs and perhaps your first Bladewing Trail. This will have you following the trail of said Bladewing along a set path, where it will eventually lead you to an Exquisite fruit that you can put to use when you next cook! Regardless of how you get there, once you reach the bottom of the floating mountains, you’ll find a campfire that you’ll need to interact with to pass the time while waiting for Nefika.

Climb the Rookery - Dealing with Gateway Lilies

Your task is a singular one now, you must climb the Rookery itself so that you can hopefully be chosen by an Ikran and complete a bond with it. For the most part, it’s a relatively linear trek, just remember that you want to keep making your way up. Do pay attention to your Na’vi Sense though, as there are a few collectibles to grab here during your ascent, such as Bellsprigs and Tarsyu Saplings.

You’ll encounter new plants that you’ll need to interact with as you continue the climb. The first is the Mermaid Tail, which looks like a large blue leaf. When you step on this, it will launch you forward and is used to cross chasms that are too large to leap across. Beyond that, you’ll come across Gateway Lilies and these serve as a mechanic to block your progress.

(1 of 3) You will come across Mermaid Lilies in this quest

As a rule, you’ll find a large Gateway Lily blocking the way forward, and you must touch smaller ones in the vicinity to cause the larger one to retract. Sounds simple, but in practice, it can often be difficult to see where these smaller Lilies are. For the first one you encounter not long after the Mermaid Tail, you’ll find the first small Lily on the wall to the left of the large one, while the second is just to the right of it.

The second time you encounter this puzzle is after ascending the large floating platforms. You’ll find yourself in the open, high up, and there will be another large Gateway Lily blocking the way forward (there’s a rather easy Bellsprig to touch here too). The first small Lily can be found on the ledge to the right of the Bellsprig by climbing to the top, the second and third Lilies can be found close to where you enter this area (drop below to find the third), while the final can be found by dropping again and looking to your left.

From here, it’s just a simple matter of continuing the ascent using Mermaid Tails and Vines. You’ll get the opportunity to attempt to soothe an Ikran again and then once you reach the very top, you’ll meet with Eetu one final time. There’s an Ikran nest here and this time, when you attempt to soothe one, you’ll succeed! You’ll get the chance to choose a name (either a Na’vi-inspired one, or a more common name) along with a pattern (which you can change later). With that selected, it’s not long before you’re falling into the air, where you’ll be given a crash course on how to use your new Ikran!

(1 of 5) The first Gateway Lily can be found on the highest ledge here

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