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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Hexapede Tooth Locations - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Shane Williams

There is an abundance of resources to find in the Western Frontier, but some will require you to find specific wildlife that can only be found in certain areas around the world. These are needed to craft better armor and are sometimes required to complete certain Side Quests. On this page, you’ll find the location of Hexapedes and how to get an Exquisite Hexapede Tooth.

Hexapedes can be commonly found around Kinglor Forest.

How to Get Hexapede Tooth in Avatar

Hexapede Tooth is a drop from Hexapedes that can be found all around the Western Frontier, but you’ll start coming across them more frequently in the first region, Kinglor Forest. More specifically, you can find them roaming around The Threaded River which can be found in the Silk Woods sub-region. When you come across a Hexapede you’ll want to crouch to reduce your movement sound which will prevent you from alerting it, then switch over to your Heavy Bow and fully draw your string before taking the shot to increase your chance of getting a clean kill.

How to Get Exquisite Hexapede Tooth in Avatar

Once you’ve successfully taken down one Hexapede you’ll want to navigate over to the Hunter’s Guide and pin it, so you can then use the Na’vi Sense and track the scent which will lead you to other nearby Hexapedes! If you want to get your hands on an Exquisite Hexapede Tooth, then you’ll want to take out Mature Hexapedes which can be typically found in the Rainforest Biome of Kinglor Forest. We’ve managed to find a few Mature Hexapede possessing exquisite teeth around the Hunter’s Headlands which is located north of the Gas Harvester Alpha RDA Outpost.

(1 of 2) Head to the Hunter’s Headlands

Head to the Hunter’s Headlands (left), to find multiple Hexapedes. (right)

What is Hexapede Tooth Used for in Avatar?

Hexapede Tooth is an item that is required to complete The High Loom - Clan Contribution Side Quest and it can also be used to craft better pieces of armor such as the Akru and Rajinder Sets. You can obtain Fine, Superior, and Exquisite Teeth from Hexepede, so you’ll want to try and get your hands on the best quality possible, as this will improve your chances of getting the highest stats for your new equipment which means you won’t have to upgrade it for a while.

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There are a lot more resources to find throughout the Western Frontier, so consider checking out some of the pages below for their locations!

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