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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

A New Plan Walkthrough in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Shane Williams

A New Plan is the 25th Main Mission in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and it takes place in the third and final region, Clouded Forest. Here you’ll need to put all of the skills you’ve acquired throughout your journey across the Western Frontier to track down Kame’tire. On this page, we’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to sabotaging the Gas Extraction Plant Bravo and ventilating the Analysis Center Bravo Facility.

Okul will assist you during the A New Plan mission.

Search for Siul at the Herbalist Circle

You’ll want to head to The Hollows, which is located in the Stone Cloud Valley sub-region of the Clouded Forest, then visit the Herbalist Circle to begin your investigation. Interact with the Sick Eyethorn Cuttings and link it to the Bowls and Beakers and then interact with the Painting of a Canyon and link that with the Handprints in the corridor. After the investigation has concluded you’ll want to head up the passageway to the northeast of The Hollows until you come across multiple Sick Eyethorn.

(1 of 4) Head to The Hollows and enter the Herbalist Circle

Track Kame’tire from The Grasping Mountain

Activate your Na’vi Sense and follow the scent until you reach the Analysis Center Bravo RDA Facility, then take some time to restock your arrows and healing items before infiltrating the building by dropping down through the hole in the roof. You’ll notice that most of the doors are locked, so you’ll need to crawl through the vents until you come across Okul, then enter the adjoining room and hack the generator via your SID. Speak with Okul and she’ll give you the Thanator Niktsyey Superior Food along with the recipe, then you’ll be tasked with finding some electrical components at the Gas Extraction Plant Bravo.

Find Electrical Components at Gas Extraction Plant Bravo

In order to sabotage Gas Extraction Plant Bravo you’ll need to close the gas storage and shipping sector pipelines and shut down the power to the plant’s energy feed. The locations of these POIs (Point of Interest) can be highlighted via your Na’vi Sense. However, there are lots of soldiers and mechs patrolling the area, so we recommend that you find some cover and pick off the enemies from a distance. You’ll want to deal with the soldiers first, which can be done quickly by using the Longbow due to its fast fire rate, then you’ll want to switch over to the Heavybow for its high damage output and focus on the mechs.

(1 of 2) Look for the Facility 01 Room

Look for the Facility 01 Room (left), and grab the components from this spot. (right)

Hack the Ventilation System

Head into Facility 01 and sabotage the generator for its electrical components, then return to Okul at the Analysis Center Bravo. Repair the generator with your recently acquired components and hack it once more with the SID, then make your way into the room on the opposite side. Use the SID to hack the computer and then enter the room and hack another computer, then you’ll need to enter the now accessible room on the opposite side and hack the next computer. Drop down into the vent in the corner of the room to find the next computer when you come out of the opposite side.

(1 of 3) You’ll need to work your way across the electrified floor

Follow the room around and jump into the vent on the second floor, then drop down on the opposite side to reach the west ventilation system room. You’ll notice that the water is electrified so you’ll want to make use of the containers and pipes to get across without taking any damage. Shoot the electrical box to disable the electricity and dive into the water and swim through the pipe, then hack the computer in the next room. Climb up into the vent above and follow it around to the right and hack the box to acquire the M69-AR Precision Superior Assault Rifle, then make your way over to the left side and melee the hatch. Finally, drop down and hack the final computer, then enter the research room and speak with Okul before leaving the Analysis Center Bravo to bring the quest to a close.

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