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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

All Windswept Doll Locations - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Ben Chard

There are plenty of collectibles to discover in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, some of which will require you to gain access to all three major regions. The Windswept Dolls, otherwise known as Kame’tire Dolls, are perhaps one of the tougher ones to locate as they will not show up on your map at all. This page will guide you to every Windswept Doll so you can obtain the Doll Collector Trophy/Achievement.

Namtet is searching for his missing Kame’tire Dolls.

How to Complete The Dark Theater

As with most of the collectibles in Avatar, when you collect the first one, you’ll unlock the corresponding Side Quest. When it comes to the Windswept Dolls, this is The Dark Theater and if you wish to complete it, you’ll have to complete the Hidden Clan main quest in the final region, the Clouded Forest. You don’t need to find the person in question before you can seek out the Dolls, the first one will unlock the quest and then you can turn them all in together once you have them in your possession.

The person in question can be found at The Hollows, the main hub for The Hidden Clan that you discover as part of the main story. Once there, head up a level and you’ll find Namtet, this is who you must give the Dolls to once you have them all.

The Windswept Dolls are perhaps the toughest collectible to find as unlike many of the others, you won’t have any inclination as to where they may be hiding (and the map gives no hints either). Instead, you’ll have to rely on thorough exploration of the Clouded Forest, or, better yet, this very guide you’re reading. Without further ado, here is where you can find all nine Windswept Dolls!

Cascading Stones Windswept Doll #1

The first Windswept Doll can be found in the Cascading Stones sub-region of the Clouded Forest. Head to the northwest side of the Fertile River and search for a large trunk that stands out. Climb on top and you’ll be able to drop inside of it where you’ll find the Abandoned Kami’tire Doll attached to a stick.

(1 of 3) Head to the Cascading Stones for the first Kami’tire doll

Cascading Stones Windswept Doll #2

While remaining in the Cascading Stones sub-region, you’ll be able to find another doll. This time, head for the Nomad’s River, and travel down it to the south while keeping to the east, you’ll come across a small cave that houses the Follow Kami’tare Doll.

(1 of 3) Go to the Nomad River in the Cascading Stones sub-region

Crimson Great Wood Windswept Doll

You’ll find the Crimson Great Wood to the far northwest of the Clouded Forest, and for this next Windswept Doll, you’ll want to head to the River of Ancestors, just to the north of the Crying Giant mountain. If you head toward the riverbank here, you’ll spot another fallen tree, climb on top of it and then jump across to drop inside and pocket the Sprinter Kami’tire Doll.

(1 of 3) Head for the River of Ancestors in the Crimson Great Wood sub-region

Stone Cloud Valley Windswept Doll #1

The Stone Cloud Valley sub-region is located to the west of the Clouded Forest, and you’ll want to head to the north of the sub-region. Search around until you find a Bellsprig marker on your map, then search around to find a large tree with an opening. You’ll find a cave inside, follow this to the Bellsprig and then return to face the way you came from, if you keep to your right, you’ll find another opening that houses the Sitting Eldar Kami’tire Doll.

(1 of 3) Travel to the Stone Cloud Valley sub-region for the next Windswept Doll

Stone Cloud Valley Windswept Doll #2

Stone Cloud Valley is the site of another doll, this time you’ll want to head to the southwest of the river where you’ll find yet another fallen tree. If you look carefully, you’ll see that you can head inside, and the One-Eyed Mother Kami’tire Doll can be found at the far end.

(1 of 3) Stay in Stone Cloud Valley for the next Windswept Doll

Stone Cloud Valley Windswept Doll #3

You’ll want to stay in Stone Cloud Valley for a third doll and you won’t have to travel too far from your last one. There is a smaller river to the southeast of this sub-region, and if you follow this up to the northeast, you’ll find a cave that you can enter. Inside, you’ll find some food baskets and the Baby Face Kami’tire Doll.

(1 of 3) Go to the southeast of the Stone Cloud Valley for this Windswept Doll

The Cut Windswept Doll #1

A new sub-region for the next doll, make your way over to The Cut, which is located to the southwest of Stone Cloud Valley. Head toward the center of the area and you’ll find an opening among some rocks along the Shrewd River, just to the west of an RDA base. You’ll find a makeshift camp inside, along with the Strong Kami’tire Doll.

(1 of 3) Make your way to The Cut for this Windswept Doll

The Cut Windswept Doll #2

There is a second doll you can find in The Cut and it’s a lot closer to the previous one than you may think. If you look at your map, you’ll see the river to the south of you, cross over to the southern side and you’ll see yet another large fallen tree which you can enter, inside you will find the Siren Kami’tire Doll.

(1 of 3) Go to the center of The Cut for this Windswept Doll

Cradling Pines Windswept Doll

The final doll can be found in the Cradling Pines sub-region, this is located in the southeast of the Clouded Forest. Make your way to the center and you’ll spot a river to the southeast of an RDA base, look for another fallen tree on the eastern side of it to find the Blonde Adonis Kami’tire Doll.

(1 of 2) Go to the center of the Cradling Pines

Go to the center of the Cradling Pines (left), a Kami’tire Doll can be found to the southeast of the RDA base. (right)

Windswept Doll Rewards - Exquisite Chest Guard Mod

Once you’ve tracked down all nine Windswept Dolls, return to Namtet at The Hollows to hand them over, not only will you unlock the Doll Collector Trophy/Achievement, but you’ll also obtain an Exquisite Chest Guard Mod, Shadow Puppeteer’s Drape that increases your movement speed for 10 seconds after a slide.

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This is just one such collectible you can find in Avatar, and if you’re looking for assistance on finding some of the others, look no further than the pages below.

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