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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

How to Kill a Stormglider - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

You will come across plenty of different creatures during your adventure in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, but none are as dangerous as the Stormglider. You will likely find one of these large dinosaur-like behemoths while exploring in the Upper Plains region, as that is the first time you could encounter one. What makes these flying fiends so dangerous is that they’re a high level and can easily one-shot you while you’re at a lower level. However, once you are strong enough, the Stormglider can be an easy kill.

The Stormglider is one of the toughest creatures in the game!

Where to Find a Stormglider in Avatar

First and foremost, Stormgliders are solitary creatures, so you won’t be facing a pack of them at once, but that doesn’t make things easier on you. The Upper Plains and the Clouded Forest are the only two regions in which you’ll find a Stormglider, as it’s likely they didn’t include them in Kinglor Forest to ease the player into the game. They tend to be found flying in high places, like above floating mountains or high on the big, broken arches. The rarer versions are found in the Clouded Forest, though, so that’s where you’ll get the best resources/materials.

(1 of 4) This island in the middle of Greatheart Lake in Upper Plains has a Stormglider.

In the Upper Plains, one of the places you can find a Stormglider is the little island in the middle of Greatheart Lake. This is also the place where you can find the rarer versions of the Silt Reed material. You might also find one flying around the broken arches near Stone Blossom, located to the east of the previous location. For the Clouded Forest, check the top of one of the Stone Sentinels for one spot, with another being above a floating island just west of the Crying Giant.

How to Do a Clean Kill on a Stormglider

There are two options here, as you can either fight the Stormglider in the air, or you can fight them on the ground. They seem to be more powerful in the air, but they have a limited moveset and thus, they can be quite simple. On the ground, the Stormglider is weaker, but they have more moves, and depending on the arena, it’s possible you may get sent falling to your doom. If you fight them in the air, make sure you utilize the Ikran’s barrel roll maneuver, which is essential for any time the Stormglider makes a move towards you.

On the ground, you don’t really have a lot of time to get a shot off, as the beast will be up in your face quite often. Having a lot of room to move is great, so if you pick a spot without that space, then you probably want to relocate. The weak spot for the Stormglider is located on the sides of its neck, making it quite difficult to hit, especially with it moving around so much. There seems to be one move on the ground where the Stormglider will roar, making its neck exposed for a few seconds, but it doesn’t do this all too often.

(1 of 5) Fighting a Stormglider in the air seems to be easier.

Ideally, you want a strong weapon for this, with the Heavy Bow being great. The only problem with the Heavy Bow, though, is that the wind-up for shooting an arrow is quite long so that few seconds window mentioned above is shortened even more. However, with the right buffs and a very strong Heavy Bow, you can easily get that Clean Kill bonus from the Stormglider. Note that having the Wildlife Damage bonus on your equipment is key, plus any meal that grants the Fury buff. Oddly enough, the Stormglider Meat does provide this, but the Echo Stalker’s meat also gives the same bonus.

With all of this, hunting a Stormglider should be a simple matter. Just make sure you quickly scan it with your Na’vi Sense every few seconds to keep the weak spots highlighted, while you try to hit those critical areas. Is it worth it to keep trying for a clean kill? Probably not, considering the troubles needed to get a clean shot off on it. However, the Stormglider is a great source of teeth, horns, and lean meat, so hunting these creatures should be a top priority for the designs and recipes that need those materials.

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