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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Ikrans in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - Colors and Skills

Ben Chard

If you’re a massive fan of Avatar, you’ll be well aware that getting your very own Ikran is just one of the many activities the game has to offer. You’ll have to play through the majority of Kinglor Forest’s main quests to get one, but after that, you’re free to soar into the skies of the Western Frontier! This page will detail everything you can do with your new best friend.

Ikrans play a large role in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Getting your Ikran

As mentioned above, you’ll need to progress the main quest until you reach Take Flight, which sees you head for the Ikran Rookery to attempt to bond with an Ikran. Once you reach the top, you’ll be given the option to select a name for it, along with a pattern that it will start with before you’re dropped into the skies to pilot it for the first time.

Your Ikran will initially be able to fly anywhere in the skies of the Kinglor Forest, but that will be the only region it is free to fly in (although you won’t have access to the second region yet anyway). Your Ikran needs to be familiar with the winds in a specific region before it can be called in other regions, like the Upper Plains region. You’ll get a short Main Quest in the other two regions to find a Chamber of Echoes, where you will be able to connect with Eywa once more. Connect with the Bloom of Echoes found there, and you’ll gain the ability to call your Ikran in that particular region.

(1 of 2) Connecting with them will allow you to fly your Ikran in their respective regions.

Connecting with them will allow you to fly your Ikran in their respective regions. (left), You need to seek out Bloom of Echoes in the other two regions. (right)

Customizing your Ikran

Once you’re out of the Take Flight quest, you’ll be able to access your Ikran from the menu, simply open it and look in the top left corner to see your Ikran. Head into this menu and you’ll discover there are various parts of your Ikran that you can customize to give it its own distinct look! Do note, however, that this is purely cosmetic and won’t change how your Ikran behaves in combat or exploration.

Ikran Colors and Patterns

Your Ikran’s Pattern determines the colors and markings on it, and you’ll select your initial Pattern when first bonding with it during Take Flight. These are arguably the most important parts of the cosmetic experience for Ikrans so take the time to really choose your preferred look. To acquire more Patterns to use (of which you can change at any time), you’ll have to complete the various Side Quests scattered throughout the Western Frontier.

Ikran Ornaments, Streamers, and Riding Gears

Next on the list of customizations for your Ikran, you can alter the Ornament it dons on its head, the streamers at the back, and the riding gear that you use to mount it. Like the Patterns above, you can change this at any time, and it is all purely cosmetic. To acquire more of these, complete Side Quests or seek out Ikran Gear Baskets, these are often found in locations that require the use of your Ikran to reach and will contain a random piece of equipment related to one of these three categories. These are indicated with the same icon as Bellsprigs and Tarsyu Saplings on the map (purple marker, followed by a blue dot once discovered).

If you happen to have a skin from the Ubisoft Store, or perhaps one that came with the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of the game, then you can choose the icon with the stars on the left to completely change all parts of the Ikran at once with this exclusive skin, this will overwrite any other changes you have made.

(1 of 3) You can customize different parts of your Ikran through quest rewards and Ikran Baskets in the world.

Ikran Skills and Energy

Like your player character, the Ikran has its own Energy gauge when you’re mounted, and this is used to make use of the various abilities that you can deploy while riding, such as Burst. You can choose to feed your Ikran the same way you would use food in battle yourself but do note that Ikran’s do have a favored food which is undiscovered at first. Usually, this is the meat from some of the more dangerous predators in the world. There is an even easier way of replenishing your Energy, however.

When you first unlock your Ikran, you’ll also unlock the final Skill Tree, Rider, which features nine skills for you to unlock, many of which affect your Ikran. On top of this, there are a few Ancestor Skills that impact the Ikran, you’ll find all the relevant details in the table below.

Type Name Description Region
Ancestor Screech While flying your Ikran, ask him/her to Screech, damaging and disorienting enemies in a 75-meter radius. Upper Plains
Ancestor Wing Gust Teach your Ikran to damage and disorient nearby enemies with his/her powerful wings. Upper Plains
Ancestor Deeper Connection Increases your connection to your Ikran, increasing his/her Stamina. Kinglor Forest
Rider Barrel Roll Allows your Ikran to perform evasive maneuvers to the side.
Rider Aerial Fishing I, II, and III Your Ikran will catch fish when flying over deep waters to replenish Energy.
Rider Experienced Flier Decreases Stamina usage for Ikran maneuvers such as Barrel Roll and Flight Boost.
Rider Flying Takedown Your Ikran can takedown staggered RDA Scorpions or Samsons when they are staggered.
Rider Favorite Food Doubles the length of the Ikran’s Favorite food buff.
Rider Improved Energy Increases Energy by 20%.
Rider Apex Hunter’s Boon Performing Takedown now restores all Stamina and inflicts Stagger on nearby RDA units.

You’ll need to wait until you reach the later parts of the adventure to get the Deeper Connection Ancestor Skill, the area is polluted and requires you to take out a Level 20 Combat Strength RDA Installation before you can interact with the flower. All of the Rider Skills, however, are useful, especially the Aerial Fishing Skills as they will prevent the need to feed your Ikran so long as there is water around.

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