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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Stormsky Resin Locations - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

The world in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is rich in not only detail but also in the varying number of resources you can find. One resource that you can obtain is called Stormsky Resin, which might be a little difficult to find, as the in-game description might be a bit misleading. This page will cover where to find the Stormsky Resin, as well as how to get the Superior and Exquisite versions of it.

Stormsky Resin is really only found in one area of Kinglor Forest.

Where to Find Stormsky Resin in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandra

One of the reasons the Stormsky Resin might be difficult to locate is because it’s only found in one area of Kinglor Forest. That area of the forest doesn’t really have much, either so there’s not much reason to go there in the first place. That location on the map is to the west of the Shadow Wood, which is the area underneath the floating mountains. In particular, you want the Bamboo Grove biome, so whenever you open your map, just press up on the directional pad to view the biomes.

The Stormsky Resin is found on Stormsky Bamboo, but it’s not on the ones that are alive. Instead, you will need to find dead bamboo, which are the big pieces on the ground. It’s not as common as the bamboo that’s alive, but there should be enough pieces that it’s easy to find, considering the size of the bamboo itself (the pieces are pretty large). The Stormsky Resin will be on the side of those dead pieces of bamboo.

What is Stormsky Resin Used for in Avatar?

There are a lot of items you can use to craft equipment in Avatar, and the Stormsky Resin is another one to add to the list. It is used to craft Shortbows, which are a weapon you won’t receive until the second region. Additionally, you will need a Stormsky Resin for one of the Community baskets in Kinglor Forest, specifically, the Filigree Branch Na’vi camp. Note that you will be required to hand in a Superior or Exquisite version of the item there, so keep on reading for info on that.

(1 of 2) Check closer to the waterfall in this area for the rarer versions.

Check closer to the waterfall in this area for the rarer versions. (left), The resin will be on the side of fallen Stormsky Bamboo. (right)

How to Get Superior or Exquisite Stormsky Resin

You won’t have to go very far from the original source to find the Superior and Exquisite versions of the Stormsky Resin. All you will have to do is head west, towards the waterfall. The method in which you harvest the resin is the same, but to get the pristine condition, make sure you hold up on the analog stick. Also, harvesting the Stormsky Resin at night will make it even better.

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