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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Gatherer Gone Quest Investigation - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Scott Peers

The Gatherer Gone side quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora can be acquired from Neytu, who you’ll find at Hometree, the Aranahe Clan’s home. As the title of the quest suggests, a gatherer by the name of Vu’an has gone missing and Neytu is concerned. On this page, we’ll show you where to find Vu’an starting from the Shaded Grove camp in Gossamer Lakes, and how to piece together the clues that lead you to her from there.

The Gatherer Gone side quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will task you with finding a Na’vi named Vu’an.

Speak with the Na’vi at the Shaded Grove

The first objective in this quest will see you traveling to the Shaded Grove camp which is in the Gossamer Lakes sub-region of Kinglor Forest, directly west of Hometree, as shown in the screenshot below. Once there, speak with a Na’vi named Lurei to learn more about where Vu’an was last seen. She’ll tell you about Vu’an’s usual gathering spot, near Wisdom Lake. Lurei thinks that Vu’an might be found somewhere on the northern shore since she didn’t hear her music.

Look for Vu’an Near Wisdom Lake

It shouldn’t take you too long to reach Wisdom Lake since it’s just to the north of the Shaded Grove. You will need to descend some steep cliffs, however, so be ready to use the rock outcrops and trees to soften your landing. Alternatively, if you already have your Ikran flying mount at this point, it’ll be a short ride north.

(1 of 3) The location of the Shaded Grove, directly west of Hometree.

Investigate Vu’an’s Gathering Spot

When you get to Vu’an’s gathering spot you’ll find the following clues:

  • Dead Viperwolf

  • Slashed herb bag

  • Scattered Arrows

  • Broken Bow

Use your Na’vi sense to reveal and highlight the clues. You’ll find the Dead Viperwolf pinned by an arrow to a nearby tree, the Slashed herb bag on the shore, the Scattered Arrows in the center of the camp, and the Broken Bow just beyond the Dead Viperwolf to the north.

How to Link the Clues

To advance the investigation, you need to link the Broken Bow with the Scattered Arrows, and the Slashed herb bag with the Dead Viperwolf. Your character will comment on what linking the clues reveals, mainly that Vu’an seems to have been ambushed by a pack of Viperwolves, and you’ll soon find yourself following a scent trail to the north.

(1 of 4) Inspect the Slashed herb bag and link it with the Dead Viperwolf.

Track the Herb Scent Trail to Wildwood Den

The scent that you’re following is of the herbs that Vu’an was gathering before she was ambushed by Viperwolves. The scent trail will lead you directly to her, so keep using your Na’vi sense to highlight it if necessary. You’ll soon find Vu’an in a small enclave known as Wildwood Den, located north of Wisdom Lake. This is where she has been hiding from the wolves and when you speak with her, you’ll learn that these Viperwolves are particularly vicious, probably as a result of the RDA disturbance in the area.

Defeat the Viperwolf Pack Leaders

After your initial conversation with Vu’an, the feral Viperwolves will attack from all sides. You’ll need to kill quite a few of them to keep Vu’an safe, including three pack leaders. The leaders aren’t really any different from the regular Viperwolves, so you may not realize when you’re fighting them. However, you can keep track via the quest objective in the top left of the screen.

As mentioned above, the Viperwolves will attack from all sides of the enclave to begin with, so you’ll need to fend them off as best you can. You can try to reach higher ground to make your life easier by creating some distance between yourself and the wolves but don’t go too far from Vu’an. Your primary objective here is to keep her safe.

(1 of 3) Follow the herb scent trail to the north to find Vu’an.

The first wave of Viperwolves will be quick to attack you in the enclave, but for the others you may need to seek them out yourself. In this case, you can move further away from Vu’an and use your Na’vi sense to highlight any nearby wolves. Just be ready to get back to her quickly if the wolves find a way through your defense. After defeating the three pack leaders, all you need to do is clear the area of any remaining wolves and then return to Vu’an.

Meet Vu’an at Hometree

After defeating all the wolves Vu’an will thank you, and she’ll ask you to meet her back at Hometree. You’ll find her there in the Weaver’s Den, which is in the main hall where you spawn at Hometree after fast traveling. You’ll have the chance to catch up with both Vu’an and Neytu here as you recall what happened with the Viperwolves, and the quest will end soon after.

Gatherer Gone Quest Rewards

The rewards for completing this side quest aren’t too bad compared with some others. You’ll learn a recipe for Vu’an’s Sleeve which is a Superior Armguard with 46 Health, and you’ll get one of these for free at the same time. You’ll also get the Gatherer Gone Body Paint, two bars of Aranahe Clan Favor, and one Skill Point. The Vu’an’s Sleeve Armguard may not be suitable for you at this point in the game, but you can always add it to the contribution basket for some extra clan favor.

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