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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Zeswa Community Contributions Quests - Avatar

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the things that you can do in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is deliver items to the various Na’vi Camps scattered across the map. You will sometimes receive cosmetic options from them, but doing this will also contribute to a larger quest. There is a quest in each of the three main regions and you need to completely finish Part 3 of each one to unlock the One with the Clans trophy/achievement. This page will focus on the Zeswa Community Contributions quests.

Each of the Na’vi Camps in the Upper Plains region will have a basket that you can interact with, allowing you to donate items to that camp. You can pretty much toss any unwanted items in there, but each of the baskets will ask for a specific item as well. The majority of these items are usually one of the materials you can find in the region, although they will sometimes ask for a piece of equipment or a specific food dish. Note that if a camp asks for a Fine-quality item, you can hand over a Superior or Exquisite quality one, too.

Be on the lookout for these baskets at all of the Na’vi Camps.

All Zeswa Community Contributions Quest Rewards

You will sometimes receive a cosmetic for an individual basket, but each part of the actual quest will reward you with some piece of equipment, along with its design.

Quest Reward
Part 1 Superior Hunter’s Ankle Guards
Part 2 Exquisite Zeswa Hunter Heavy Bow
Part 3 Exquisite Dusk Rider Spear-Thrower

All Mother of Rivers Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
The Circle Moonwood Branch Any
Stone Safety* Novao’s Mushroom Pie Any
Longing Hand Hollow Bone Any
Thinker’s Point Rain Thistle Fiber Any
Crescent Rest Creeping Moss Any
Staunch Guardians* Fire Seed Superior or Exquisite
The Reach* River Rock Shell Superior or Exquisite
Twisting Rivers Akru’s Headband Any
Walker’s Haven Canyon Reed Any

For Moonwood Branches, check inside Sheltering Bushpods in the Windswept Grasslands biome, which also seems to be the case for Hollow Bones. Rain Thistle Fibers are commonly found on cliffs throughout the Upper Plains (it must be raining to get them), and Creeping Moss is found on petrified trees in the Shattered Forest biome. Check the water in the Pillar Canyon biome for Canyon Reeds. You can find Superior and Exquisite Fire Seeds on the island underneath the Celebration Arches, where you first entered the Upper Plains.

(1 of 2) This spot on the map is perfect for River Rock Shells.

This spot on the map is perfect for River Rock Shells. (left), You’ll need a few of these to complete all of the Contributions quests for the Zeswa. (right)

The River Rock Shells can also be found on petrified trees, but you’ll need to go to the western side of the Upper Plains, just west of the large RDA base there (Rock-Strewn River). Akru’s Headband requires a Superior/Exquisite shell (grab another River Rock one) and any rarity of Tooth, which are easy to acquire. Novao’s Mushroom Pie will need a Superior/Exquisite Cloud Spitter Seed (check that page) and a Superior/Exquisite Vineshroom. Since you need one of those shrooms for another basket, try to grab two of them.

All Celebration Valley Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Crossed Arches Blood Leaf Resin Superior or Exquisite
Celebration Point Blood Leaf Bark Any
Welcoming Seat* Plains Root Any
Music Point Shaded Waterweed Bast Any

Blood Leaf Resin is found on Blood Leaf Trees, the very large and very red trees you find in the Crimson Trees biome. However, you need a Superior/Exquisite version, so you will need to journey to the landmass south of Greatheart Lake. On the left side will be Kefehar Falls and on the right is Mother’s Tears. Go in the middle of this area to find the trees that should have the required resin. You can also look in the same area for the Blood Leaf Bark, since it spawns on the same trees. Plains Root is found underneath Windbent Trees, while Shaded Waterweed Bast is found in shallow water around the Upper Plains.

(1 of 2) Check this area of the map for the Blood Leaf Resin.

Check this area of the map for the Blood Leaf Resin. (left), As you might expect, it will be growing on the Blood Leaf Trees. (right)

All Step’s Cradle Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Memories Shade Cloud Spitter Seed Any
Burden’s Rest Soundblast Colossus Fatty Meat Superior or Exquisite
Laughter’s Retreat

Laughter’s Retreat is a Na’vi Camp that has been abandoned, so there isn’t a basket here. While you can do a side quest related to this camp, you won’t find anyone here after finishing it. Cloud Spitters are found throughout the Windswept Grasslands, but you don’t harvest them right then and there. Approach the plant and the seed will be shot by it, so follow it until it lands, which is when you can harvest it. Sandblast Colossus only come in Superior and Exquisite versions, so you don’t have to worry about hunting specific ones for their meat.

All Shattered Bridge Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Kite String Point* Solali’s Venomous Heavy Bow Any
Kitemaker’s Canyon Stormglider Egg Exquisite
Stony Herd* Plains Hive Nectar Superior or Exquisite
Runner’s Rest* Bladehead Fatty Meat Superior or Exquisite

Solali’s Venomous Heavy Bow will require you to use any Root and any Reed in order to craft it, although the Root needs to be Superior or Exquisite. If you want an easier time, the Pale Canopy Root is always Exquisite and can be found in Kinglor Forest. The Stormglider Egg can be a tough one to do, as they are located where you find Stormgliders. These enemies are high level and hurt a lot, so it’s probably best to ignore this if you’re just getting to the Upper Plains.

(1 of 2) Go to the top of Toruk Peak for the Plains Hive Nectar.

Go to the top of Toruk Peak for the Plains Hive Nectar. (left), It will be underneath the great vines found there. (right)

You’ll need a Superior or Exquisite version of the Plains Hive Nectar, which will be found on top of Toruk Peak in the southwestern corner of the Upper Plains. As usual, pinning the item will help you find them easily, but there might be some not too far away from the Tarsyu there. The Bladehead wildlife is commonly found across the Windswept Grasslands and they only come in Superior and Exquisite variants, so you won’t need to go crazy trying to find a rarer version.

All Stone Hold Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Watchful Scouts Dawn Fruit Any
Sky’s Nest* Buoyfish Any
Broken Hill* Pod Fruit Superior or Exquisite
Zakru’s Promise Novao’s Niktsyey Any
Clouds of Stone* Windbent Bark Any
Welcoming Hand* Petrified Bone Any

Dawn Fruit is a special case of something that can spawn at any RDA facility, once you have taken it over. It can spawn in any region, too, so you’re not restricted to just the Upper Plains, making it a good thing to revisit those facilities once more. Despite the game saying Buoyfish is most commonly found near Sunset Reeds, it can be found in just about any body of water. You will need the Superior or Exquisite variants of the Pod Fruit, which is inside Sheltering Bushpods in the Wild Purple Steppe Biome.

You’ll receive the recipe for Novao’s Niktsyey upon getting the quest for it from the basket. It calls for Superior/Exquisite versions of the Pod Fruit (look above) and Feather Blade Seed (also found in Wild Purple Steppe biome). That second ingredient is a bit unorthodox, as you actually need two of the plants. You stand in front of one to make the plant shoot its pollen, then quickly move to the other with the original’s pollen on you to make the seeds harvestable. Windbent Bark is found on Windbent Trees, and Petrified Bone is found in the Shattered Forest biome.

(1 of 2) Check the Wild Purple Steppe biome for the rarer Feather Blade Seeds.

Check the Wild Purple Steppe biome for the rarer Feather Blade Seeds. (left), You’ll need two of the plants in order to actually harvest anything. (right)

All Eywa’s Reach Na’vi Camps

Camp Item Needed Quality
Pillar’s Shadow Vineshroom Superior or Exquisite
Dancing Waters* Silt Reed Superior or Exquisite

You needed a Superior/Exquisite Vineshroom for one of the camps in the Kinglor Forest, so you should have a good understanding of where to get them. If you forgot, then look on the undersides of floating mountains, with the higher the elevation, the better. The Silt Reed’s rarer variants are found on the island in the center of Greatheart Lake. The only problem is that this island is home to a Stormglider, a high level enemy that is quite powerful and challenging to kill. However, if you do manage to avoid it, then you can easily grab a Silt Reed, as well as a Stormglider Egg.

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