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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Sunset Reed Locations - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

A number of materials in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora can be hard to find, usually because they are hidden quite well. However, some materials are very easy to procure, except they may have a special condition in order to get the best quality. One such item is the Sunset Reed, with one of its conditions being something called “Blood Leaf Pollen.” This page will detail where to find the Superior and Exquisite variants of the Sunset Reed, as well as how to fulfill the Blood Leaf Pollen condition for the best quality.

Getting the best quality for the Sunset Reed can be a little confusing.

Where to Find Sunset Reed in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Finding the Sunset Reed isn’t all too challenging, as it’s pretty easy to locate in the Crimson Trees biome of the Upper Plains. You will most commonly find them in shallow water, so the little rivers and streams there are the best options. It’s quite hard to not notice the big red trees and bright red vegetation, and the Crimson Trees biome is also fairly large. Remember that when you’re viewing your map, you can press up on the directional pad to view the biomes.

What is Sunset Reed Used for in Avatar?

Sunset Reed is a material that is used for crafting weapons. There doesn’t seem to be a specific weapon type here, so it’s likely used across various weapons, especially once you get to the Upper Plains region.

(1 of 2) This area on the map is where you’ll find the Superior and Exquisite versions.

This area on the map is where you’ll find the Superior and Exquisite versions. (left), As always, use your Na’vi Sense to see the variant of the material. (right)

How to Get Superior or Exquisite Sunset Reed

As already mentioned, stick to the shallow waters of the Crimson Trees biome for the Sunset Reed material. If you wish to go after the Superior and Exquisite variants, then you will have to go to a specific area. Due west of The Circle, the Zeswa Clan’s home in the Upper Plains, are two little areas, called Daughter’s Pool and Doula’s Stream. It is around here that you will find the rarer versions of the Sunset Reed. Don’t forget to use your Na’vi Sense to see the rarity of the material before plucking it. When you pluck the reed from its spot, push the left analog stick towards the upper right to ensure the best quality.

Blood Leaf Pollen

The other condition to get the best quality for the Sunset Reed is something called Blood Leaf Pollen. This will pertain to the Blood Leaf Trees, the massive trees that are hard to miss. As one would expect from something named Blood Leaf Pollen, you will need that to come off the trees. However, it isn’t as simple as getting the pollen yourself, as you have absolutely no control over it. The pollen will fall by itself, but thankfully, you can actually see this happening.

(1 of 2) You can actually see the pollen coming off the trees.

You can actually see the pollen coming off the trees. (left), Make sure it’s blowing in the right direction when you pluck the Sunset Reed. (right)

The pollen will be coming down as a mist, but the way it blows is completely out of your control. If you feel it’s blowing on some Sunset Reed, then you can gather them there and hope the condition is fulfilled.

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