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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

How to Kill Non-Feral Thanators - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jarrod Garripoli

You will run into many different creatures in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, but none are worse than the Non-Feral Thanators. These foes are not only max level, but they will also steal your ability to use the Na’vi Sense. If you run into one of these at a lower level, you will likely be one-shot by them. However, killing a Non-Feral Thanator will not only net you some top-tier materials, but you will need to defeat one to unlock the No Easy Prey trophy/achievement. This page will detail where to find all four Non-Feral Thanators, as well as give tips and tricks to defeating them.

Non-Feral Thanators are some of the strongest wildlife in the game.

Non-Feral Thanator Preparation

Before you start going after these Thanators, it’s a good idea to get your level up. Unlike a lot of other traditional games, where you level by earning experience, you increase your Combat Level by simply crafting better equipment. Since the Thanators are level 20, you will probably want to get your own level to around 17 or 18. You will also want a strong weapon, like a Heavy Bow since those tend to deal more damage and are easier to use than the Spear. The So’lek Survivor Heavy Bow is a great one to use, which you can get from So’lek at the Resistance HQ in the Clouded Forest.

The two skills that give you an additional healing pouch are recommended since you will be getting hit, and even at level 19, the Thanators still do some decent damage. The one food buff that increases your damage (Fury) is great here, too. You can get this from Lean Meat, with the best coming from Stormgliders and Echo Stalkers. With all of the above, you should be more than ready to start tackling the Thanators.

(1 of 4) You’ll know you’ve entered a Thanator’s territory when the sides of the screen turn white.

There are four different Non-Feral Thanators in the game, two in Kinglor Forest and two in Clouded Forest. When you get close enough to one of their territories, the edges of your screen will turn white, and you will be unable to use your Na’vi Sense. After a few seconds, you will start to hear a heartbeat and it will grow increasingly louder until the Thanator appears and starts to attack you. Once the Thanator appears, you will be able to use your Na’vi Sense again. Once it has appeared, it’s either you kill it, or it kills you. They really aren’t any different than the Feral Thanators you’ve likely been fighting up until this point.

Where to Find the Gossamer Lakes Thanator

The only Thanator that just uses the base name, this version is found in the Gossamer Lakes area of Kinglor Forest. Look for the Tarsyu in that area that gives you the Soft Landing Ancestor Skill. Just south of that is a landmass that looks like it has a bunch of roots converging into the center of it. That is where you will want to go for this Thanator, so start from the Falls Field Lab (just for a fast travel point).

The location of the Thanator found at Gossamer Lakes in Kinglor Forest.

The Thanator Tooth you get from this one will increase your health when used in crafting, while the Thanator Heavy Hide will restore 15% health after killing an enemy. All Thanator Lean Meat will give the Fury III buff, which increases your damage by 50%, but if you combine it with some Fragrant Herbs (purchased from a food vendor at Hometree), you will get the Fragrant Thanator Pie recipe.

Where to Find the Kinglor Wetlands Thanator

The Kinglor Wetlands Thanator is found on Spool Island in the Kinglor Forest. If you head straight south from Hometree, you will run into the Leaning Glade Na’vi Camp and from there, Spool Island is just southeast a little of that camp. You will find the Thanator towards the eastern end of the island, but some people have run into more than one Thanator at a time here, without getting the white border warning first, so be extremely careful.

The location of the Kinglor Wetlands Thanator on the map.

The Tooth dropped from this Thanator will increase your damage by 10%, while the Light Hide it drops grants the Glass Cannon buff. This particular boon will allow you to deal 25% more damage but at the risk of taking more damage yourself. Combine the Kinglor Wetlands Thanator Lean Meat with some Spineberry Fruit to get the Sweet Thanator Stew recipe.

Where to Find the Boulderlands Thanator

The Boulderlands Thanator is one of two that is found in the Clouded Forest region, towards the northeastern corner of it. You are looking for Ensnared Lake, a body of water that doesn’t look like one on the map, as there are a series of rock formations covering it. To further pinpoint the location, look for the Fertile River or the Nomad’s River, as both of those will flow into the lake. Directly south of Ensnared Lake is a Tarsyu Sapling, so try and find that first. The Thanator will be found a tiny bit south of that sapling.

The location of the Boulderlands Thanator on the map.

The Boulderlands Thanator Tooth is the same as the one from the normal Thanator, but it’s still one of the strongest teeth in the game. The Boulderlands Thanator Light Hide from this creature will increase your physical resistance but decrease the damage you do by 20%. The Lean Meat from this Thanator can be combined with Meer Deer Fatty Meat to create the Thanator Brisket Soup dish.

Where to Find the White Moss Forest Thanator

The White Moss Forest Thanator is also found in the Clouded Forest, but in the Cradling Pines section of it, which is east/southeast of the Resistance HQ. In fact, if you look southeast of that place, you should find a river, called Carver’s River. On the eastern side of the river will be a Budding Watcher and a little northeast of that is a Bellsprig. The Thanator will be around that Bellsprig, a tiny bit east or so of it.

The location of the White Moss Forest Thanator on the map.

This Thanator drops the White Moss Forest Thanator Bone, which is a great item to have for making a spear; the buff for using this item will increase the range of your throw. The Moss Forest Thanator Hide will give you more damage whenever you are under 40% health. Lastly, the Moss Forest Thanator Meat can be combined with a Kite Manta Egg to make the Thanator Niktsyey dish.

How to Unlock the No Easy Prey Trophy and Achievement

As you can see, hunting Thanators can be challenging work, especially since they are level 20 and quite strong. However, the drops from them provide some great stats when crafting equipment, so it’s definitely worth it. Despite there being four different kinds of Thanators, all of which behave the exact same, you only need to defeat one of them to unlock the No Easy Prey trophy/achievement.

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