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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Best Armor in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Ben Chard

One of the most satisfying gameplay loops of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is the exploration. Setting off into the wilds to hunt and gather, then returning to a Camp to craft new pieces of equipment is an engaging one. As you reach the later stages of your adventure, you may be wondering what the best equipment you can find or craft is, this page will detail the best pieces of Armor in the game.

You’ll need to utilize the crafting table if you wish to create the best gear in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Crafting Tips for Best Armor

Before you set off to look for materials and Designs when crafting the best armor, there are a few things to bear in mind that will give you more bang for your buck. By following the tips listed below, you’ll ensure you’re getting the full value of any materials you gather and access to every Design available.

  • The Stable Hand Skill: If you take a look at the Maker tree, you’ll find various that will enhance either the gathering or crafting process. Stable Hand will make it so that you have a much higher chance of harvesting materials in Pristine condition.

  • The Renowned Crafter Skill: Remaining in the same tree, this skill will allow any merchants to sell you the highest quality materials. This can save you time hunting for some materials if you have a lot of Favor from completing quests.

  • The Master Crafter Apex Skill: Once you’ve invested in all skills in the Maker tree, you’ll be offered the Apex Challenge which tasks you with crafting the Energizing Longbow. While the weapon itself is nothing to write home about, the skill you gain from completing it will ensure that gear and weapons will have a higher threshold for their maximum health and damage respectively.

(1 of 2) Be sure to get the Master Crafter Apex skill before you create these armor sets

Be sure to get the Master Crafter Apex skill before you create these armor sets (left), the Sarentu set features perks that will increase your Evasion. (right)

Sarentu Armor Set

The first Armor Set you should consider crafting is the Sarentu set, this is obtained from completing all Sarentu Totems throughout the Western Frontier. These are a type of collectible that requires you to have access to all three regions, and at certain intervals, you’ll unlock a new Design for each slot. Although the Sarentu set will not reach the heights of the other two armor sets with the best materials, it does offer some unique perks which make it more attractive.

Name Health Perks
Sarentu Headband 174-215 Renown - +20% Clan Favor from quests and Activities, +10% Stealth
Sarentu Chest Guard 86-104 Evasion - +40% ranged resistance for 15s after breaking line-of-sight from hostiles for 5s
Sarentu Traveler Armguard 121-171 Renown - +15% Clan Favor from quests and Activities
Sarentu Waistcloth 136-173 15% Bonus Health
Sarentu Ankle Guards 182-227 15% Bonus Health

The main draw of the Sarentu set is the Renown perks on it, offering an increase of 35% to Clan Favor that you obtain from quests and activities. This will make it a lot easier to gain Favor, especially if you have the Way of the Diplomat Ancestor Skill to increase that bonus even further.

Uniluk’s Armor Set

Unlike the Sarentu set above, there are only three pieces to this set (Chest, Arm, and Legs) and while they don’t have some of the exclusive perks the Sarentu set has (such as Renown), two pieces will give you much higher stats provided you use higher quality materials. The set itself is easy to acquire, you only need to reach The Hidden Clan main quest in the final region of the game, the Clouded Forest. During this, you’ll reach the Kame’tire settlement, The Hollows. Speak to Uniluk, who is the merchant near the crafting bench to obtain the three Designs.

Name Health Perks
Uniluk’s Cape 81-244 +10% Stealth
Uniluk’s Cuff 87-256 +15% Weakspot damage
Uniluk’s Ankle Guards 118-227 +15% Weakspot damage

Beyond the higher stat potential for both the Cape and Cuff, you’ll also gain an increase of +30% Weakspot damage if you equip the whole set, handy for those that have a knack for striking the Weakspot of their foes. You could still equip the Sarentu Headband for the Renown perk along with the Waistcloth for a Health Bonus perk, making this arguably the best out of the choices here.

(1 of 2) Uniluk’s Set focuses on perks that increase your Strength

Uniluk’s Set focuses on perks that increase your Strength (left), while the Rajinder’s set is all about Firearms damage. (right)

Rajinder’s Set

When it comes to Exquisite gear, there are only two pieces in Rajinder’s Set. You can find the other pieces in Superior quality, so if you’re looking to wear the whole set for cosmetic reasons, the possibility exists. Still, both Exquisite pieces of Rajinder’s Set are worthwhile gear to consider when looking at the best armor in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. As you may expect, you can get these Designs by speaking to Rajinder in the Resistance Hideout in the Clouded Forest late in your adventure.

Name Health Perks
Rajinder’s Headband 113-215 +15% Firearms damage
Rajinder’s Ankle Guards 100-227 +5% Ranged resistance

This set is perfect if you find yourself using the Shotgun or Assault Rifle often, the Firearms damage boost is a large one and the best Shotguns and Assault Rifles do pack a punch. If you decide to pair this set with the Superior Rajinder’s pieces, then you’ll get an even greater boost to your Firearms damage, something to consider if you’re more of a gunslinger!

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