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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

MW3 Zombies Easter Eggs Map & How To Get Them

Craig Robinson

Easter Eggs are a common theme in Zombies with players finding little tidbits here or there to grant some extra excitement to the mode. For the most part, these easter eggs are small tasks, which can award you with some additional perks for free. All you need to do is have the right item on you or be in the right location at the right time. Here’s a closer look at how to get the MW3 Zombies Easter Eggs, and the tasks you need to complete before you can get them.

A map featuring the locations all known MW3 Zombies Easter Egg locations.

All Easter Eggs in MW3 Zombies

The Easter Egg perks in MW3 Zombies are as follows:

  1. Deadshot_Perk.png Deadshot
  2. Death_Perception_Icon.pngDeath Perception
  3. Juggernog_Icon.pngJuggernog
  4. PHD_Flopper_Perk.pngPHD Flopper
  5. Quick_Revive_Perk.pngQuick Revive
  6. Speed_Cola_Icon.pngSpeed Cola
  7. Stamina_Up_Perk.pngStaminup
  8. Tombstone_Perk.pngTombstone

There is a ninth one, but the secret is currently in the works. We’ll add it to the list when we know more about the easter egg later on. Feel free to reference the map above for location prompts, with icons of each perk on the map. There are also arrows leading to the exact location to get the perk too if you want to keep the map open on your phone or second monitor. Moreover, each of these perks has a little task you need to do to get them, which we shall explain in more detail.

  • Deadshot

    • Go to the Church graveyard and throw an explosive through into the Church window.
    • You can find the church in the I3 cell on the map in-game, located by the mountain track above Orlov Military Base.
  • Death Perception

    • You can parachute through three rings on the northern edge of E2, near the small suburb of Popov Plant along the border of the Low Threat / Medium Threat Zone. One of the rings is inside the statue of the Atom, with the other two nearby.
    • You can begin the parachute from nearby apartment and office buildings on the western side of the statue of the atom.
  • Juggernog

    • Throw a flammable object into the firepit. It can be a Thermite or Molotov Grenade.
    • You can find the fire in C3, located by some buildings on the hillside of the main road between Levbin Resort and Seaport District.
  • PHD Flopper

    • Dolphin Dive off the wooden slatted roof area into the pool in Shahin Manor.
    • You can find the Manor directly in the southeast corner of the map, located in H7 Cell.
  • Quick Revive

    • Wait for laughing to begin near the Hardiqa Farm sign, and then drive towards Orlov Military Base.
    • You can find the sign near the turning on the highway that goes right, towards the farm on H5.
  • Speed Cola

    • Drive up the statue near Levin Resort and launch yourself off the end of it.
    • You can find the statue in D2, near the border of C2, adjacent to the highway bend.
  • Staminup

    • Run up a building from the base of the building to the top floor.
    • You can find the building in D7, which is the large square building on the left side of the ring road leading into Zaravan City. The larger building is located next to three other rectangular-shaped buildings.
  • Tombstone

    • Stand on a corner of a building with a ladder, and scope using a very high magnification optic, and aim towards the crane near the under-construction building. You shall find a stuffed bear resting on the edge halfway up the crane’s support. Aim at it for a short while, and the bear should teleport in front of you and make a noise, and then you can grab the perk from it.
    • You can find the building with the ladder and the crane near the small urban area along the border of G7 and G8.

And there you have it. You now know how to get all the MW3 Zombies Easter Eggs and get free perks. We shall update this page with more information when the final one is revealed.We’d like to thank Detonated, MargwaNetwork, Mystery HQ, MrFlapix, Glitching Queen and her squad for finding the easter eggs so far.

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