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MW3 Meta Guns: Best Guns So Far in Pre Season

Craig Robinson

Modern Warfare 3 is live, with many jumping into multiplayer and getting their hands on the new MW3 weapons. While things are still up in the air, there are some top-performing weapons making appearances. Here’s a quick look at the Meta MW3 weapons so far in the Pre-Season.

Anything with high accuracy and solid TTK will automatically make it into the MW3 Meta weapons list, such as the MCW.

All MW3 Meta Weapons So Far

In total, there are six weapons worth paying a close attention to in the MW3 Meta. The best guns so far are:

  • MCW
  • MTZ-556
  • WSP Swarm
  • Striker
  • Holger 566
  • BAS-B

The MCW is a level 44 weapon unlock, with it being the new M4 and TAQ type AR. It packs a punch, has one of the best TTKs, and has a steady accuracy, making it incredibly easy to use. It’s the most versatile weapon in the AR arsenal for those reasons. If you want to get your hands on this weapon early, go to a medium-threat area in Zombies and extract it safely.

The MTZ-556 is another solid AR in the early MW3 meta. The reason why is again because of its accuracy, albeit not as strong as the MCWs. However, this gun offers fire rate, so if you can control this weapon, it is very easy to get very fast kills with this weapon in close to medium range, surprising SMGs, and shotguns if you play around with this weapon’s strengths well.

The other weapon on the list for a potential weapon MW3 meta is the Holger 556. This weapon is slightly weaker than the MTZ in closer range fights, and isn’t as versatile as the MCW. Yet, its key strengths are in longer-distance fights. The long range for an AR is around 40 meters, which is a very long range for most weapons. This is key, as having this range advantage and an AR designed for it, especially with some of the more open maps like Derail, Wasteland, and some areas on Skidrow, means you can really abuse certain angles or areas on these maps. Expect the Holger 56 to be used by players with solid map sense in certain areas.

While not an AR, the BAS-B is another early-game weapon smashing through lobbies. This weapon will likely fall out of the MW3 meta when more guns AR unlocked and more builds are sussed. Yet, the BAS-B is easy to use. Slap a silencer, 30-round magazine, and some recoil control, and you have a great medium to long-range canon that can drill enemies with an effective damage-to-fire rate and range ratio.

Moving into the SMG category is the Striker and WSP Swarm. These weapons are featured in the starter classes, yet both serve different purposes. The WSP Swarm’s fire rate and maneuverability is a weapon really abusing the new offensive and fast-paced gameplay in Modern Warfare 3. If you’re the type of player who loves running head first into sites, clearing them, and playing and weaving between cover to get advantages, the WSP Swarm is a go-to weapon for that style.

On the other hand, if you like SMG gameplay, but prefer a bit of extra range and damage profile, the Striker is more to your tastes. This weapon will likely sit in the MS3 meta for a long while, since its range for an SMG is rather strong, with great recoil control. Depending on damage multipliers, it can even take down ARs in mid-range in 4-5 shots. It’s a solid gun that you should use in most situations and maps if you’re an SMG enthusiast.

We’ll update this MW3 Meta gun and Weapon list with more information when we can bring you the latest trends in the game. Is there a particular weapon you find amazing that you think is a meta candidate in MW3? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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