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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Lockwood 680 Camo Challenges & Tips in MW3

Ben Chard

Shotguns and Call of Duty is a match made in heaven and Modern Warfare III is no different. Although many of the maps mean you’ll have to be more tactical with how you close the gap, they remain deadly at close range (or just head to Rust!). The Lockwood 680 is perhaps the most popular of the Shotguns, and the first one available when you begin playing Multiplayer. If you want to earn the Camos for it, then you’ll need to complete the various challenges while also leveling the gun up. This page will detail all of the challenges for the Lockwood 680 along with tips on how to complete them, grab your Shotty!

There are many Camo challenges for the Lockwood 680 Shotgun in MW3.

Lockwood 680 Camo Challenges in MW3

The Lockwood 680 Camo Challenges are as follows:

Challenge Requirement
Base Camo Challenge 1 50 Kills
Base Camo Challenge 2 50 Hipfire Kills
Base Camo Challenge 3 10 Kills while ADS
Base Camo Challenge 4 15 Double Kills
Gilded Camo Challenge Two Kills shortly after sprinting in one life
Forged Camo Challenge 25 One-Shot Kills while ADS
Priceless Camo Challenge Five Hipfire Kills while moving
Interstellar Camo Challenge Complete all other weapon challenges

Lockwood 680 Challenges Tips in MW3

When it comes to getting your Camos for the Lockwood 680, you’re looking at a total of eight, although you’ll only be able to get the first five without leveling other weapons and grabbing their Camos. As with most guns of the same category, the four base challenges remain the same across all of them, for the Shotgun, that is: Get 50 Kills with the weapon, 50 Hipfire Kills (don’t use ADS), 10 Kills while using ADS (Aim Down Sights), and finally, 15 Double Kills.

You can work on all of the base challenges at once, so it’s a good idea to level the gun up until all four challenges are unlocked and then work on them simultaneously (use those Weapon XP Tokens if you have them!). As the majority of the base challenges (and Shotguns in general) are centered around a high number of Kills, you’ll get most of these while playing aggressively. Being a short-range weapon, you’re going to need to close the gap, so playing objective-based modes such as Hardpoint and Domination is useful to have many players grouped up. This rings especially true for Challenge 4, as you’ll need people close enough to score Double Kills, which is two players in quick succession.

When looking at the maps available, Rust is your best friend. It’s a small map which means players are always going to be close together. You will die a lot, but you’ll get many kills on top of that. If you can score Hardpoint on Rust, even better, since most players ignore the objective for a long time making the match last the entire duration and giving you more opportunities for kills. The one challenge that might catch you off-guard is Challenge 3, since you’ll need to be using ADS to score those kills, something you shouldn’t be doing while using a Shotgun at close range.

(1 of 2) Rust is the perfect map to complete many of these Camo challenges

Rust is the perfect map to complete many of these Camo challenges (left), allowing you to easily get close for the One-Shot Kills you’ll need. (right)

Lockwood 680 Gilded Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges in MW3

So, you’ve got the first four challenges complete and you can now begin working on the Lockwood 680 Gilded Camo, who doesn’t want a golden Shotgun? For the Lockwood 680, that’s obtained by getting Two Kills shortly after sprinting in one life, a pretty difficult Challenge, even on Rust. This means you need to activate Sprint and then find two players close enough to get two kills while it’s still going. Rust is the ideal map, but the odds are against you in doing it in one life. The first thing you’ll want to do, though, is make sure you have the Lightweight Boots equipped, as it will increase your movement speed. Once you’ve unlocked the Gilded Camo for the Lockwood 680, you’ll need to complete the Gilded Challenges for both the Haymaker and Riveter before you can work on the Lockwood 680 Forged Camo.

Once you’ve done that first step, you’ll then need to get 25 One-Shot Kills while ADS, which isn’t a tough challenge, all being said. You’ll need to get used to ADS when you get close, but that’s all that should change from the regular way you play with a Shotgun. To make life even easier, use the Hardcore playlist as you’ll score the One-Shot Kill with just a single bullet, making it a case of just using ADS and getting kills as normal. If, however, you don’t want to jump on Hardcore, you’ll need to make sure you’re close to your target and aim toward the head for a One-Shot Kill.

There is a bit of a grind following this Challenge, if you want to begin working on the Lockwood 680 Priceless Camo, you’ll need to complete the Forged Challenges for the other 36 weapons in the game. Return here after that mighty feat and you’ll need to complete the simple task of bagging five Hipfire Kills while moving. You will have done this plenty of times while playing with Shotguns and should be naturally moving as you look to close the distance to your target, just refrain from using ADS and you’ll get this in no time (the real work is the grind to get here). With that, all you need to do to finish Camos for the Lockwood 680 is grab the Priceless Camo for all of the other guns in the game, naturally unlocking Interstellar after, congratulations!

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