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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

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Top 5 Tips for Multiplayer in MW3

Shane Williams

The Call of Duty franchise has been around for many years so you’ll sometimes come across very skilled players that have been around since the beginning. Modern Warfare 3 has a very Hardcore SBMM (Skill Based Matchmaking) which means competing in some lobbies will be nearly impossible for casual players unless you put the following tips into action.

Call of Duty requires you play a very specific way in order to compete.

The Best MW3 Multiplayer Tips

We’ve been playing Call of Duty since World at War which was released back in 2008 and we used to be some of the worst performing players in every lobby. Since then, we’ve had the chance to play many more installments of Call of Duty and discover some methods which have allowed us to rise up the leaderboard while bagging a 2-5+ K/D and winning most matches.

Use the Best Equipment - Covert Sneakers and Commando Gloves

Modern Warfare 3 has some pieces of equipment that can make you unstoppable in Multiplayer, such as the Covert Sneakers which make your footsteps completely silent and allow you to sneak up on the opposition. Commando Gloves allow you to reload a lot faster which is extremely useful when facing multiple enemies at once. The Mission Control Comlink is another nice addition to your loadout as it’ll reduce the amount of kills needed to activate a killstreak, so you’ll be able to activate things like Advanced UAV a lot quicker.

You’ll also want to think about what Tactical, Lethal and Field Upgrade you bring along. For example, we recommend that you take the Breacher Drone as it’ll allow you to give the enemy another thing to think about whilst you’re in a gunfight. As for your tactical you’ll want to bring along a Smoke Grenade because it means you can block off open areas so you can run past without getting taken out by a sniper. Finally, you may want to consider the Proximity Mine or Claymore so you can prevent enemies from sneaking up behind you.

Equip The Right Weapon / Attachments

There are 36 new weapons added into Modern Warfare 3 and there’s a few which are considered the best. However, these are based on stats, so we recommend that you test out multiple weapons before settling with one as you may find one which works extremely well with your playstyle. For example, a lot of the community recommend the SVA 545, but for us we prefer the MCW as it performs better for fast-paced combat. Additionally, you’ll want to research which attachments are recommended for your weapon in order to get the most out of it and you can do that by checking out pages like our Best Holger 556 Class & Loadout in MW3.

Stop Playing Defensively

(1 of 2) Stay away from the center of the map.

Stay away from the center of the map. (left), Make a loadout that works for you. (right)

Unfortunately, unlike some other shooters on the market, playing defensively really doesn’t work in Call of Duty due to the size of most of the maps, the ability to constantly flip the spawns and the aggression of other players, so we recommend that you play more aggressively and use tactics, such as sliding and using Tac Stance to increase your mobility as this will give you the advantage against other players and get you higher on the leaderboard.

Keep To the Outer Edge of the Map

One of the most common mistakes casual players make when playing Call of Duty is running through the center of the map which is extremely dangerous on most maps, as you’ll become an easy target to most players (especially snipers) so we recommend that you stick to the outer edge of the map at all times because this will give you the opportunity to sneak up on enemies from behind and pick them off while they are fighting your teammates.

Take Useful Killstreaks

There are 20+ Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 but you may instantly try and use the most obvious ones like VTOL Jet or Chopper Gun and although these will bag you a few kills, we recommend that you take things like the Advanced UAV and Counter UAV as these will benefit the whole team which will increase the chance of winning for everyone.

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