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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

How to Stun 5 Special Zombies in MW3 Zombies Mode

Craig Robinson

The Shocked mission in MW3 Zombies mode requires players to shock enemies using the Dead Wire Ammo Mod. While the challenge in itself is not too hard, the biggest challenge is taking on Specials and getting them to be shocked. For assistance with the challenge, here are the best tips to shock 5 special zombies in MW3’s Zombies mode.

Stunning 5 Special Zombies in MW3 Zombies mode.

(1 of 2) You must hunt 5 Special Zombies and shock them to complete the Shocked Mission.

You must hunt 5 Special Zombies and shock them to complete the Shocked Mission. (left), You can often find Ammo Mods in Merc Caches, often found while looting places, or as rewards for clearing Strongholds (Infected or Mercenary) and Aether Nests. (right)

For the most part, you are going to need to do a few things to complete the shocked mission challenge.

  1. Find a Dead Wire Ammo Mod
  2. Craft a Dead Wire Ammo Mod
  3. Apply it as a weapon of choice
  4. Shock 25 Zombies
  5. Shock 5 Special Zombies

For the most part, you are going to need a reliable way of farming Dead Wire Ammo Mod. For the most part, the best way to do this is clear Aether Nests. These small and infected buildings offer some nice loot pickups for people willing to clear pop the spots on the walls and get the covered loot after clearing it. There’s a really good one near Orlov Military Base with a Buy Station next to it, meaning you can drop 2k on a mask and clear it easily.

The reason you want to clear Aether Nests is that it’s simple content that can award decent rare items. These also offer decent chances at all the Ammo Mods too. You can even find Formulas for crafting mods in them too, alongside getting the mods and schematics from contract rewards too. So, get grinding for them them. There’s also the off chance you can find them in Merc Caches too, often marked by their beeping or aether crystal-crusted casings.

Once you get your hands on a Dead Wire Ammo Mod, you now need to go hunting. The Shock 25 Zombies is easy, as you can just do it running around an area killing zombies, or farming them at Exfil locations. However, the specials are not so much.

The best method for farming specials is by going to Medium-Threat areas on the map. The reason for this is because low-threat areas are fairly easy to kill the specials before you have the chance to shock them. That’s something you will need to keep an eye on, unfortunately. From there, you now need to hunt Specials down. The best hotspots for these are Infected Strongholds, as the multi-story buildings often contain a Mimic to hunt down and kill. You can also find a few Disciples in the area around Zaravan City and Suburbs, alongside some of the floaty boys and Wranglers around the Popov Power. These are areas we’ve noticed more activity of the specials and so are worth investigating when needed.

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