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DG-58 Camo Challenges & Tips in MW3

Ben Chard

There are six Assault Rifles to choose from in Modern Warfare III and while four of them are fully automatic, two are burst, giving them a completely different playstyle. The DG-58 is one such gun (the FR 5.56 being the other) and not only does it fire bursts, but it’s one of the better guns in MW3 if you build it correctly. If you find yourself a fan of this weapon, or you’re working on the highest Camo challenges, you’ll want to unlock all of the available challenges for the DG-58 so grab your rifle as this page will give you everything you need to complete them as quickly as possible.

The Gilded Camo looks great on the DG-58 in MW3.

DG-58 Camo Challenges in MW3

The DG-58 Camo Challenges are as follows:

Challenge Requirement
Base Camo Challenge 1 50 Kills
Base Camo Challenge 2 50 Kills while ADS
Base Camo Challenge 3 15 Headshot Kills
Base Camo Challenge 4 25 Kills while in Tac Stance
Gilded Camo Challenge 3 Kills in one magazine 10 times
Forged Camo Challenge 10 Kills while ADS and strafing
Priceless Camo Challenge 10 Burst Kills
Interstellar Camo Challenge Complete all other weapon challenges

DG-58 Challenges Tips in MW3

As with all weapons in MW3, there are eight Camo challenges to complete if you want to get your hands on that Interstellar Camo and you’ll be able to grab the first five of them without having to grind other guns. All base Camos in MW3 are the same for each weapon category and also require you fully leveling the gun to unlock them, these are Get 50 Kills with the weapon, 50 Kills while using ADS (Aim Down Sights), 15 Headshot Kills, and finally, 25 Kills while in Tac Stance.

To begin, make sure you fully level the DG-58 (use those Weapon XP Tokens!) as not only will you be able to complete multiple base challenges at once, but you’ll also be able to fully customize the weapon with the best attachments. The AR Camo challenges are very kill-heavy, thankfully, that is an easy task for the DG-58, especially if you follow our DG-58 Loadout guide. Remember, with the DG-58, you’ll want to keep your distance due to it being a Burst weapon, but that should make it a lot easier to get those 15 Headshot Kills with the accuracy of the gun.

By far the toughest challenge for the DG-58, and this includes the higher tier ones too, is Challenge 4. Getting Tac Stance kills is always difficult if you’re not used to it but doing it with a Burst gun makes it even tougher as you’ll have to get really close to your targets if you’re to get the kills needed. If you’re confident with movement in MW3, slide in Tac Stance, it makes you a harder target to kill and will make it easier to get your shots off.

When you’re looking at what maps or modes to use for these challenges, look for the objective-based modes such as Hardpoint and Domination. As your opponents rush for the objective point, you can hang back with the DG-58 and pick them off. Of course, once it comes to Challenge 4 with Tac Stance kills, consider jumping on to Hardcore and maps such as Rust to give you more opportunities to score quick easy kills. If not using Hardcore, maps such as Wasteland and Quarry are great for the DG-58 as you can pick a lane and take people out as they try to close the distance to you.

(1 of 2) Equip the 60-Round Drum to help you get 3 kills for a single magazine

Equip the 60-Round Drum to help you get 3 kills for a single magazine (left), use this loadout for the DG-58 to make it a lot easier to get kills in MW3. (right)

DG-58 Gilded Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges in MW3

Once you’ve completed all four of the base challenges, you’ll be able to start working on the DG-58 Gilded Camo which requires you to get three kills in one magazine ten times. The DG-58 is an excellent gun, so getting the kills shouldn’t pose too much of a problem, you just have to remember not to reload until you’ve had those three kills. You can make this easier for yourself by equipping the 60-Round Drum giving you a lot more bullets to use before having to reload. Also, remember that you need to reload after getting three kills for the next three to count again.

Once you’ve completed the Gilded challenge, you’ll need to complete the Gilded challenge for the other five Assault Rifles before you can begin working on the DG-58 Forged Camo. To get the Forged Camo, you’ll need to get 10 Kills while in ADS (Aim Down Sights) and strafing, a condition that can be confusing. Strafing usually refers to moving side-to-side, but in the case of this challenge, simply moving while in ADS is enough for it to count. As such, this is an easier challenge than it may seem, as you’ll often find yourself in ADS when using the DG-58.

You’ve got a long grind ahead of you following the completion of the Forged Camo. You’ll need to complete the Forged Challenge on all 36 guns in MW3 before you can begin the DG-58 Priceless Camo challenge. This is actually a simple task, as all you need to do is score 10 Burst Kills, which is something that should be occurring naturally due to the general playstyle of the weapon. Getting your hand on the Priceless Camo is not the end though, once again, complete this challenge for all of the other 36 weapons and you’ll finally have your DG-58 Interstellar Camo.

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If the DG-58 is the last Assault Rifle you were working on, or you need to complete the other challenges on the other weapons for Interstellar, consider checking out some of the pages below for more expert strategies!

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