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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

How To Get Ammo Mods In MW3 Zombies

Craig Robinson

Ammo Mods are an important part of progressing in MW3 Zombies, offering players better tools to contend with hordes of zombies or defeat powerful bosses. For the most part, these ammo mods will appear consistently, and you can get a lot of them by doing certain activities. However, there are a good few of them, so we aim to make it easy to learn everything there is to know about Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies.

All Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies

A guide on all MW3 Zombies Ammo Mods, featuring what they do and how to get them. Image via Activision.

In total, there are five Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies. These are:

  • Brain Rot - Control enemy creatures
  • Napalm Burst - Fire damage over time
  • Cryo Freeze - Slow and freeze enemies in place
  • Dead Wire - Shock enemies
  • Shatter Blast - Explosive rounds

The major thing to know about Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies is that the effects are not always guaranteed. When you fire rounds, you will typically have a chance to trigger the effect on an enemy. Brain Rot happens fairly irregularly, but you know it pops when you get an allied Mercenary or Zombie on your side. The same goes for Cryo and Dead Wire, where their CC effects happen somewhat often enough, but are harder to apply to bigger and more powerful zombie types. Meanwhile, Napalm and Shatter Blast are pure damage modifications, and you can see their burst AOE explosions or continuous damage over time appear more commonly in the game.

How To Get Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies

A guide on how to get Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies mode. Tip: Mercenary Caches are your best friend!

To get Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies, players will often need to complete the following content:

  1. Aether Nests
  2. Mercenary Strongholds
  3. Infected Strongholds
  4. Mercenary Camps

The thing in common with all of these locations is Mercenary Caches. These are the main storage units of the Mercs in the game and often constrain random rewards, featuring circuit boards, ammo mods, guns, perks, killstreaks, and other higher-profile equipment. Typically, Strongholds, both Merc and Infected, offer a lot of lootables, so you can normally find at minimum one type of ammo mod across all the lootables. Even the smaller Aether Nests offer at least one Ammo Mod across the few lootable blocks you can get.

In addition, some missions do offer players some ammo mod rewards in their inventory. You can find examples of these with the Cryo Freeze Ammo mod for example. These are few and far between, but, they are certainly possible.

So, if you ever need to farm them, then visit any of these POIs whenever possible.

The other thing you can do is get Schematics and Formulas for crafting Ammo Mods. These offer players permanent unlocks and crafting options for ammo mods you want to bring into a lobby with you. You can typically get these through Contract completions, with the higher tier contracts offering even rarer rewards. You can take more of a peak at our Schematic locations in MW3 Zombies for more information.

With that said, this concludes everything you need to know on how to get Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies mode. Good luck scavenging ammo mods and unleashing hell on zombies, either for farming tactics and strategies to defeat enemies or for completing various ammo mod-related challenges.

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