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Cyphered Tablets in MW3 Zombies Explained

Craig Robinson

The Cyphered Tablet in MW3 Zombies is an item that is an exclusive drop for players on certain missions. For the most part, players must complete certain missions in the first act of the storyline, which is part of the Where is Dr Jansen Coordinate mission. The more Cyphered Tablets you can find, the closer you will be to get the final set of missions in the chapter, and progress onwards with the storyline. Here is a closer look at the MW3 Zombie mode’s Cyphered Tablets and how to get them.

A guide to the Cyphered Tablet in MW3, featuring what you need to do to get them and what they are used for. Image via Activision.

How to get Cyphered Tablets in MW3 Zombies

To get Cyphred Tablets in MW3 Zombies, you need to do the following missions:

  • Hands Off - Tier 5 Mission
  • Blasted - Tier 5 Mission
  • Bring Em on - Tier 5 Mission
  • Nest Wrecker - Tier 5 Mission

These four missions are part of the Act 1 Tier 5 missions. Each one typically has you engage with various aspects of the game. Note that because each one is a mission, you will naturally find the Cyphered tablet drops nearby, so make sure to look for the orange-colored collectible on the floor to complete the final objective of each mission.

  • Hands Off
    • Kill 20 Zombies with a Sentry Gun
    • Kill 10 Mercs with a Sentry Gun

To get a Sentry Gun, players can buy the killstreak from the Medium Threat Buy Stations. From there, drop one down near an Exfil location, as it offers easy kills for the Sentry (and I don’t mean do the server crash farm). On the other hand, the best place to Kill Mercs are around the Armored Mercenary Convoys or go to the Merc base south of the Orlov Military base and gather Mercs that way.

  • Blasted
    • Destroy the armor on 25 armored Zombies using the Shattered Blast Ammo Mod.

To get the Armor Breaker Ammo Mod you can do the Nest Wrecker mission, which will award you with one Armor Blast Ammo Mod as a reward to bring into a mission with you. Alternatively, do Contracts and Aether Nest, and you can find Ammo Mods in the lootable objects and portals at the end of them. The Contracts and Aether Nests are RNG, and so, are a little luck based. But at least you can guarantee to get one from the Nest Wrecker Mission.

  • Bring Em On
    • Kill 50 Zombies with Frenzied Guard
    • Kill one Elite or Special with Frenzied Guard

To use Frenzied Guard, you need to select it from the Field Upgrade before entering a Lobby. Once you have it selected and in a mission, we recommend farming Low-Threat Zombies around an Exfil. The number of easy kills in record speed will help you through the challenge. As for the special, you can either enter an Aether Nest building in Low-Threat and find a Mimic location or go and hunt some Disciples in Medium-Threat areas like the Popov Power Plant. If you opt for the latter, then make sure to weaken them off before using your Field Upgrade and easily killing them before the time on the upgrade runs out.

  • Nest Wrecker
    • Get a Gas Mask
    • Destroy an Aether Nest

We recommend going to the Aether Nest in the Orlov Military Base to do this. Here, you can find a shop right next to the Aether Nest, allowing you to go in and buy a gas mask for 2000 Aether and then complete the objective. Simply shoot the cysts on the wall in each room to clear the place from the infectious gas.

Completing all four missions using the tips we mentioned should enable you to get all four Cyphered Tablets you need upon completing them. Remember to check the nearby area when you complete the mission and look for it on the floor. Otherwise, you’ll need to do it again.


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