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MTZ-762 Camo Challenges & Tips in MW3

Ben Chard

The Battle Rifles in Modern Warfare III are a nice balance between Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles. There are three to choose from in MW3 and while the BAS-B is usually the go-to in this class, the MTZ-762 and Sidewinder have their own strengths and weaknesses (even if the Sidewinder takes a lot more work to become useful). There are eight total challenges to complete for the MTZ-762 and you’ll need to do some heavy grinding for the final two challenges. When you’re ready, equip your MTZ-762 and keep reading to find out how to complete them.

The MTZ-762 features some camo challenges with misleading descriptions.

MTZ-762 Camo Challenges in MW3

The MTZ-762 Camo Challenges are as follows:

Challenge Requirement
Base Camo Challenge 1 50 Kills
Base Camo Challenge 2 50 Kills while Fully Auto
Base Camo Challenge 3 10 Kills while using a Magnification Scope
Base Camo Challenge 4 15 Headshot Kills
Gilded Camo Challenge 3 Kills in one magazine 10 times
Forged Camo Challenge 25 Kills while ADS and Fully Loaded
Priceless Camo Challenge 15 Semi-Auto Headshots with a Magnification Scope
Interstellar Camo Challenge Complete all other weapon challenges

MTZ-762 Challenges Tips in MW3

As mentioned above, there are eight total challenges for weapons in MW3, and you’ll be able to unlock the first five without the need to level other weapons (the final three do require heavy grinding though). Before you even get started, you’ll need to level the weapon to max to unlock the first four Camo challenges and it’s something you should do (using Weapon XP Tokens if you have them) as you’ll be able to work on all four challenges simultaneously. The four base challenges are: Get 50 Kills with the weapon, 50 Kills while Fully Auto, 10 Kills while using a Magnification Scope, and finally 15 Headshot Kills.

You’re going to have to score a lot of kills with this gun, so getting used to how it handles will be your main goal while leveling the weapon. You should achieve the 50 Kills during this process for Challenge 1 and Challenge 2 is just as simple, just make sure you have the correct firing mode selected (Fully Auto). Challenge 3 can be a bit misleading; it sounds as though you need to have a Scope with a zoom on it based on the challenge name but in fact, you can use any Optic, giving you a lot more freedom. The final base challenge, 15 Headshot Kills, should be rather simple with the MTZ-762, it’s an accurate gun and so long as you’re aiming toward an opponent’s head, you should be able to score those Headshots you need.

When it comes to maps and modes to complete these challenges, you’ll want to look for Rust, whenever it becomes available, since it’s the smallest map allowing you to really get a lot of kills quickly. Hardcore is also a good shout as enemies go down in a single shot, allowing you to get through the first four challenges quickly, just consider switching to normal modes for the Headshot kills as it will make your life a lot easier (rather than needing to ensure your only shot is a Headshot on Hardcore).

(1 of 2) Equip the 30-Round Mag for the kills in a single magazine challenge

Equip the 30-Round Mag for the kills in a single magazine challenge (left), Fully Auto kills require you filling all attachment slots. (right)

MTZ-762 Gilded Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges in MW3

Once you’ve completed those first four challenges, you can begin getting to work on the MTZ-762 Gilded Camo, and for this, you’ll need to get three kills in one magazine 10 times. This can be a tough one, and you’ll want to give yourself the best chance of scoring this by equipping the 30-Round Mag, it may not be as high as other guns that have this same challenge, but any extra bullet will help. It does, however, mean you’ll need to be accurate with your shots if you’re not playing on Hardcore (although that makes it tougher for you to survive between kills). As always, make sure you reload after that third kill, you’ll need to have a fresh magazine for three kills, it won’t continue.

Once you’re done with the Gilded Challenge, you can start working on the MTZ-762 Forged Camo, this requires you to get 25 Kills while ADS (Aim Down Sight) and Fully Loaded, another challenge description that can be misleading. Before a Hotfix, a Fully Loaded Kill was with the first bullet of a fresh magazine, but this has since been changed. Now, you must simply have all five attachment slots filled for it to count as a Fully Loaded kill. Once you have this step complete, be sure that you use ADS and kill your enemies to complete this challenge, a simple one once you understand what it’s asking you to do.

Like with the Forged Camo, there’s a bit of a grind before you can work on the MTZ-762 Priceless Camo as you must first obtain the Forged Camo on all 36 guns in MW3. Once you’re done with that, your task is now to get 15 Semi-Auto Headshots with a Magnification Scope. As with the previous challenge mentioning the Magnification Scope, you can use any Optic, it does not need to be one with a Magnification regardless of what it says. You’ll then need to change your firing mode to Semi-Auto, meaning you won’t be firing as many bullets at once so keep that in mind and look to keep your distance more rather than being aggressive.

Once the Priceless Camo is yours, all that remains is to grind up to Priceless on all of the other guns and you will unlock the Interstellar Camo for the MTZ-762 (and all other weapons)!

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