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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Best FR 5.56 Class & Loadout in MW3

Craig Robinson

The FR 5.56, aka the Famas is a solid weapon equipped with a powerful burst-fire round dispersion. Compared to previous burst fire-type weapons, the Famas is a fairly effective weapon, with it capable of drilling enemies point blank, while retaining accuracy even in the mid-range firefights. If you like a fairly versatile weapon with a bursty, flavorful twist, then here’s the best FR 5.56 Class & Loadout in MW3.

The FR 5.56 is a strong good in close and medium ranges and has a powerful burst fire if you can land it in solid multiplier body parts.

Best FR 5.56 Class in MW3

To make the best FR 54.56 class in MW3, you will need to select the following options:

  • Secondary: Pistol of choice
  • Tactical: Stun Grenades or Stims
  • Lethal: Optional
  • Field Equipment: Deployable Cover or Ammunition box
  • Gloves: Scavenger Gloves
  • Boots: Running Sneakers
  • Gear: Ghost T/V Camo
  • Vest: Infantry

The idea behind the class is that you get a secondary you prefer. Honestly, the Renetti is fine if you want a full burst build, but something a bit more stable like the CoR is fine. As for tactical, you can either take Stuns for better ADS tracking your enemies, as they slow down, making it easier for your burst rounds to land, or you can go **Stims **for health regen improvements. The same goes for Lethal, with it largely being dependent on map knowledge, map, and any game modes you prefer to play. Semtex and Frag Grenades are likely your go-tos, but Drill Charges could be decent situationally.

As for the remaining part of the FR 5.56 loadout, you want an Infantry Vest paired with Running Sneakers so you can get Lightweight boots too. This makes you a fast mover, able to get into positions you need to get to as fast as possible. This could be for pushing closer-range fights with your versatile kit, or getting into a longer-range angle and abusing the great range of the FR 5.56. Scavenger is also a good option for ammo resupply for those kill streaks, and Ghost on your Gear is handy since UAV spams are forever present in MW3 multiplayer.

Best FR 5.56 Loadout in MW3

A solid sight you like, the Bruen Heavy Support, and a Silencer are the three key ingredients to creating the best FR 5.56 Loadout in MW3.

To create the best FR 5.56 Loadout in MW3, players need the following attachments:

  • Optic: Preference, but we like the Lonewolf Holographic.
  • Stock: WMG-TAC
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Heavy Support Grip
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag
  • Muzzle: Echoline GS-X

The main thing you need to note with the FR 5.56, is that it plays typically to a Holger 556 Loadout. The reason why is that the FR 5.56 is fairly effective at range, and so controlling its burst potential down sights means needing recoil control. The Bruen Heavy Support Grip offers just that, granting solid stability, recoil control, and other accuracy-related goodness. As for the stock, you want the WMG-TAC for better sprint, ADS, and crouch movement speed. This gives you the versatility you need to move around. The only downside is the stock makes you lose some stability that the Bruen grants. Yet, the stat is fine; you can make the weapon work.

We also recommend running a suppressor. The Shadowstrike Suppressor offers no weaknesses if you want to use, that. Still, the Echoline GS-X is a nice silencer from MW2 that offers players Firing stability and undetected on Radar at the cost of a very minor blip in damage range. On a weapon that good at range, it means nothing at all.

The other standout is the 45 Round Mag. With TTK and the game naturally encouraging fast gameplay, having more ammo in your magazine is always a good option. Sure, you lose some speed and ADS adjustments, but it is a generally worthy trade-off in MW3’s hectic gameplay.

With these attachments equipped, you’ll have somewhat decent ADS for mobile gameplay, and have the tools to perform at that 35-meter range before the weapon falls off. Overall, you have a very versatile sweet spot of a gun. This concludes the best FR 5.56 Class in MW3. Good luck out there.

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