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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

WSP Swarm Camo Challenges & Tips in MW3

Ben Chard

Submachine guns are always great fun in Call of Duty games, especially for players who love to dart around the map and mow their enemies down. The Submachine gun (SMG) category is shared with Assault Rifles for the most available guns in a category (six), so there’s plenty to choose from if this is your playstyle. While the Striker is perhaps the most popular SMG, the WSP Swarm is no slouch and features the fastest fire rate of all SMGs. There are a total of eight Camo challenges for the weapon, so if you’re ready, grab your SMG and read on to learn how to complete them.

The Gilded Camo for the WSP Swarm SMG can be tough to get in MW3.

WSP Swarm Camo Challenges in MW3

The WSP Swarm Camo Challenges are as follows:

Challenge Requirement
Base Camo Challenge 1 50 Kills
Base Camo Challenge 2 25 Hipfire Kills
Base Camo Challenge 3 10 Kills while crouching or sliding
Base Camo Challenge 4 15 Kills on operators affected by your tactical
Gilded Camo Challenge 10 Kills without the enemy damaging you
Forged Camo Challenge 10 Hipfire Kills on operators affected by your tactical
Priceless Camo Challenge 10 Double Kills while in Tac Stance
Interstellar Camo Challenge Complete all other weapon challenges

WSP Swarm Challenges Tips in MW3

As you may well be aware by now (especially if you’ve been working on other guns), there are eight Camo challenges to complete for weapons in MW3, four base and four higher mastery, and you’ll be able to work on the first five without grinding any other guns. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you get the weapon fully leveled, so use any Weapon XP Tokens you may have lying around. The reason for this is so you can unlock the first four base challenges and work on them simultaneously, for SMGs, these are: Get 50 Kills with the weapon, 25 Hipfire Kills, 10 Kills while crouching or sliding, and finally 15 Kills once an opponent is affected by your Tactical.

Seeing as you chose an SMG, you should be confident that you’ll need to score plenty of kills to get these challenges done. The first two challenges should be a given, simply play the game and get the kills, you should be using Hipfire as you get close to your enemies anyway, so that will come naturally. Challenge 3 can be tough if you’re not used to sliding, as it’s far easier to do that than crouch to get your kills as you naturally want to be close to the enemy (be sure to use Hipfire instead of ADS when sliding). The final base challenge is probably the most difficult, you’ll need to use your tactical and make sure the enemy has been hit by it before you nail the kill. Consider using either Flash Grenades or Stun Grenades, both are effective tacticals that can put your opponent in a pickle.

If you’re wondering what the best maps or modes are to play on when shooting for these challenges, consider sticking with Hardcore as this means everyone will go down in a single shot, perfect for you while you’re dashing around each map trying to get close for the kill. As always, when looking for high kills, Rust is your friend due to the size of the map, otherwise, consider maps like Terminal or Highrise (use the tunnels to get across the map easier). The only challenge where you may want to switch away from Hardcore is Challenge 4, as although it’s easier to get those kills, you’re less likely to be in situations where your Tactical makes a meaningful difference.

(1 of 2) Sliding with Tac Stance can make it easier to score kills with the WSP Swarm

Sliding with Tac Stance can make it easier to score kills with the WSP Swarm (left), Rust is a great map for finding multiple ways of getting a lot of kills. (right)

WSP Swarm Gilded Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges in MW3

Now that you’ve completed the four base challenges, you’ll be able to start working on the WSP Swarm Gilded Camo, and for this, you’ll need to get 10 Kills without the enemy damaging you. This can be tricky if you try to take people head-on so instead look to hit them from behind. Alternatively, consider jumping on Hardcore as enemies will go down in a single shot making it so that if you get the first bullet off, you’ll kill them without taking any damage yourself.

Once the Gilded Camo is out of the way, you’ll need to grind up to Gilded on all of the other five SMGs before you can begin working on the WSP Swarm Forged Camo, this requires you to get 10 Hipfire Kills on operators affected by your tactical. This should sound familiar, it’s almost the exact same conditions as Base Challenge 4 and almost all the same tactics apply. The only difference is that you need to ensure that you’re using Hipfire for all kills, and considering you’re using a SMG, you should be up close and using Hipfire anyway.

With the Forged Camo now in your hands, all that remains is the challenge for the WSP Swarm Priceless Camo, and for this, you’ll need to get 10 Double Kills while in Tac Stance. This can be challenging, as you’ll need to find yourself in situations where there are two targets in close proximity. Modes such as Hardpoint and Domination are perfect for this, many players will dash into the objective allowing you to slide in with Tac Stance and pick a few off at a time. You can try this in Hardcore too, but there’s a greater chance you’ll die before you can pull off two kills in quick succession.

After you have the Priceless Camo, all that remains is to grind up to Priceless on all of the other guns and you will unlock the Interstellar Camo for the WSP Swarm (and all other weapons)!

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