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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

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Longbow Camo Challenges & Tips in MW3

Shane Williams

The Longbow is one of the new Sniper Rifles added to Modern Warfare 3 and it’s a popular choice due to its high damage and accuracy and the ability to fire off multiple shots at once. Every Weapon in MW3 has a bunch of challenges to complete in order to earn cool-looking Camos. If you’re wondering what the Longbow challenges are, then this page will tell you everything you need to know.

Here is a look at the Longbow Camo Challenges and tips on how to complete each one.

Longbow Camo Challenges in MW3

The Longbow Camo Challenges are as follows:

Challenge Requirement
Base Camo Challenge 1 50 Kills
Base Camo Challenge 2 50 Kills shortly after ADS
Base Camo Challenge 3 Get 3 Kills with One Magazine 10 times.
Base Camo Challenge 4 Get 15 One-Shot One-Kills
Gilded Camo Challenge Get 10 Kills While using Focus Down Sights.
Forged Camo Challenge 25 Kills while ADS and Fully Loaded
Priceless Camo Challenge Kill 5 enemies in a single life three times.
Interstellar Camo Challenge Complete all other weapon challenges.

Longbow Challenges Tips in MW3

There are eight challenges available for the Longbow, but all the following base challenges are the same for all Sniper Rifles: Get 50 Kills, Get 50 Kills shortly after ADS (Aiming-Down-Sights), Get 3 Kills with One Magazine 10 times and Get 15 One-Shot One-Kills. Challenge 1 can easily be done by playing TDM and aiming down a large open area on the long-range maps, such as Wasteland, then for getting kills shortly after ADS which means essentially quickscoping is going to be very tricky for most average players, so you’ll want to equip attachments that decrease the amount of time to ADS, then when you go to shoot an enemy you’ll want to quickly drag and position your scope slightly in front of the enemy so they essentially run into your bullet.

You’ll want to avoid overthinking your shot because it’ll increase your chance of missing, so you’ll want to take the shot instantly when you get the opportunity. Next up, you’ll need to get three kills with one magazine 10 times, so you’ll want to increase your magazine size via an attachment, then you’ll want to play Hardcore as every shot will be a guaranteed a kill due to the decreased health and find a corner of the map and pick off any enemies that run past. Finally, you’ll need to get 15 one-shot one-kills, so you’ll want to continue playing hardcore and pick off enemies with a headshot who are distracted by the objective.

Longbow Gilded Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges in MW3

Once you’ve completed the four basic camos you’ll move on to the Longbow Gilded Camo Challenge which requires you to get 10 kills using Focus Down Sights. To do this, you’ll want to try to find an enemy then when you go to take the shot you’ll want to hold in the analog stick to activate your Focus, but beware you’ll only have a couple of seconds to take the shot. Upon completion of the KATT-AMR Gilded Camo Challenge, you’ll need to unlock the Gilded Camo for the remaining two Sniper Rifles before you can move onto the Longbow Forged Camo Challenge.

(1 of 2) You'll want find a sneaky spot on the map

You'll want find a sneaky spot on the map (left), and wait for enemies to walk past you. (right)

This challenge will require you to get 25 Kills while ADS and Fully Loaded which means getting a one-shot one-kill with the first bullets in the magazine, so you’ll want to jump into Hardcore again and stay in a spot whilst aiming-down-sights, then take the shoot at anyone that runs past. If you miss, instantly reload and try again. You’ll then need to obtain the Forged Camo for all 36 Weapons before you can finally move onto the Priceless Camo Challenge which requires you to kill 5 enemies in a single life three times. You can do this by equipping items that’ll prevent you from showing up on the mini-map, such as a Silencer then you’ll want to stick to the back of the map and pick off enemies from a distance.

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