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All Mirth Villagers Locations in Sea of Stars

Jarrod Garripoli

Mirth is an important location in Sea of Stars, with it unlocking during the course of the main story. It is a new town that is being built for citizens looking for a fresh start, but it needs some extra people to help run certain facilities. This page will focus on finding the various plans for Mirth’s buildings, as well as locating the people who will help run those facilities.

Jirard the Constructionist will take all of your building plans, once you have them.

Where to Find the Building Plans for Mirth in Sea of Stars

Once Mirth is up and running, you will find a NPC named Jirard the Constructionist. He will ask you if you have any building plans, which will be used to make specific buildings. Thankfully, you won’t have to search far and wide for these building plans, as they are all found in one spot, Docarria Village. You will be heading to that area after you first find Mirth, too. Upon arriving there, seek out a NPC named Mirna, who is on the eastern side of the village.

She will be collecting the Rainbow Conches that you have found throughout your adventure thus far. Hand them in to her and she will reward you with various things, some of which will be the Building Plans for Mirth. That means if you wish to complete Mirth, you will have to go hunting for the Rainbow Conches. Specifically, you will need the following amount for each plan:

(1 of 2) You will find Mirna in Docarria Village, on the eastern side of it.

You will find Mirna in Docarria Village, on the eastern side of it. (left), You will get all of the Building Plans from her. (right)

  • Inn Plans: 4 Conches
  • Shop Plans: 19 Conches
  • Fishing Hut Plans: 22 Conches
  • Spa Plans: 39 Conches

Once you have gotten a building plan, take it to Jirard in Mirth and he will have the building made for you. Unfortunately, these buildings won’t function without a specific NPC to help run them, so that’s your next task. Note that you can actually recruit the NPCs, without having the facility built yet, so it might be a good idea to get them all right away, then worry about the plans after, especially if you haven’t been finding the Rainbow Conches.

Where to Find the Innkeeper for Mirth in Sea of Stars

(1 of 2) For the innkeeper, head to the inn in Lucent, on Wraith Island.

For the innkeeper, head to the inn in Lucent, on Wraith Island. (left), Speak to Edgar there and he will send his brother right over to Mirth. (right)

In order to find the person to run the inn in Mirth, you will have to travel back to Lucent, on Wraith Island. Head to the inn in Lucent and speak to the innkeeper there, who is named Edgar. He will mention that one of his brothers is looking for a job, so he’ll mention the position for Mirth to him. Well, that is all you have to do, too, as his brother will automatically go to Mirth, so just head back to see him inside the building. The inn will allow you to rest, as well as cook, and you will be able to play Wheels there, too.

Where to Find the Merchant for Mirth in Sea of Stars

(1 of 3) Enter this building in the southeast corner of Docarria Village.

The Merchant is similar to the innkeeper, although they might be a little more difficult to find, provided you don’t know where to look. Head to Docarri Village and enter the building in the southeastern corner. You should see a lever inside and if you pull it, the railing will drop, allowing you to jump into the water and use the whirlpool. Swim to the other whirlpool underwater, and you will end up in a house, where you’ll see a woman and a child. Speak to the woman and both of them will go to Mirth, with them acting as both an equipment shop, and an item shop.

Where to Find the Fisherman for Mirth in Sea of Stars

(1 of 2) You'll need to venture back to Mooncradle and enter this building for the Fisherman.

You'll need to venture back to Mooncradle and enter this building for the Fisherman. (left), He will be standing right there, off to the side. (right)

The Fisherman isn’t hard to find, but it will take a little bit to get to him, as he’s in Mooncradle. To get there, head to the top of Sleeper Island (the one where you landed after being thrown from Evermist Island) and use the creature there to throw you back to Evermist. If you’ve already been to Mirth, then that’s all the story progression needed (plus, the building plans are even further than that). Once you’re back on Evermist Island, make your way to Mooncradle and head to the inn. You will find the Fisherman just standing there, so speak to him to send him on your way to Mirth.

Where to Find the Spa NPC for Mirth in Sea of Stars

This is the only one out of the four NPCs that requires a little something extra, before he will head to Mirth. On the eastern side of the Stonemasons Outpost, there is a NPC named Chi, who wishes to take a bath, but there is no water. Once you clear out the Wind Tunnel Mines (only need the Mistral Bracelet), locate the door that requires you to drop down from above and enter it. Go down the ladder, climb the right side, and blow wind at the turbine over there.

(1 of 4) Jump down to this doorway in Stonemasons Outpost and go inside.

Doing this will open the locked door just below the entrance you took, but it will also fill the well. Talk to Chi after this to get a Rainbow Conch, then speak to them one more time to send them to Mirth.


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