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All Wheels Locations and Rewards in Sea of Stars

Jarrod Garripoli

Sea of Stars is filled with plenty of content, especially for a game made by a smaller developer. It is also home to a minigame, called Wheels, which is a little more involved than some of the other minigames. You will first gain access to Wheels during your visit to Brisk, and can play it afterwards, by visiting the taverns in the various locales you come across on your journey. This page will list all of those locations, as well as the rewards you can get from challenging the NPCs there.

Look for the distinct table to find the NPC that plays Wheels.

All Wheels NPC Locations in Sea of Stars

The following list will be the location of every NPC that allows you to play the Wheels minigame. It should be noted that some of the locations listed won’t have the Wheels minigame accessible on your first visit.

Port Town of Brisk
Town of Lucent
The Vespertine
Lake Docarria
Cloud Kingdom
Town of Mirth

The rewards you get are based on the number of wins against the Champions. For example, when you first unlock Wheels in Brisk, you can play the game there. If you win your first game at Brisk, then you will receive the Archer Figurine. However, if you don’t play it there and opt to go to another location, then you’ll also get the Archer Figurine as your first win in that spot.

  • Most of the above are fairly obvious, but there should be some clarifications about a few of the locations. The Vespertine is the name of your ship, and you might be curious how to go inside it. Well, whenever you’re riding the ship on the overworld, hold down the DualSense-L1/Xbox-BumperLeft/Joy-Con-L button to enter your ship. Yolande will be the NPC you need to talk to, in order to play Wheels on the boat.

  • For the Mirth option, you will need to do a few things before you can play Wheels. First, you have to collect enough Rainbow Conches to get the Inn Plans, then you have to speak to Edgar in Lucent to get him to head to Mirth. From there, you will be able to play Wheels in Mirth.

  • In Repine, speak to the only person at the inn, who will send you on a little quest. Complete this quest to be able to play Wheels there.

(1 of 2) Compete in the Champion match at each location and win

Compete in the Champion match at each location and win (left), which will net you a reward, like new figurines. (right)

Once you have beaten all of the NPCs, with the Champion match, you will be able to challenge one final opponent. Defeating this opponent is needed to unlock the Clockwork Champion trophy/achievement, so those looking for full completion of the game will need to play a lot of Wheels!


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Sea of Stars is a retro-inspired Japanese role-playing game that pays homage to classics like Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG. Featuring a turn-based combat system that engages the player, as well as beautiful pixel work, the game will bring you back to those classics and fill you with nostalgia.

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