Objective: Explore the tomb’s passages

Once you are inside, immediately turn to the right to find a small chest containing some Byzantine Coins . Move into the room to find a Mural [05/05 - Greek] on the left hand wall and a Document [01/04 - Greek] on a small wooden platform to the left of the Mural.

Continue into the passage leading from the room. When you come to a stop at the end, pull out your pistol and shoot the stone block at the top of the trap that Lara had just managed to trigger to remove the obstacle from our path.

Follow the path here until it crumbles and deposits us in a water source below. Look for a hanging pallet above the far end of the passage and shoot the block holding it to have it fall to the floor. Locate the weak wall with water seeping from it along the left hand wall of the pit and interact with it to break it down. This will cause water to pour into the lower area and raise the wooden pallet. Climb on to top of this and jump to the ledge above.

Drop the hanging pallet and break the weak wall (left) to exit the pool. Destroy the trap (right) in the next hallway.

A short distance through the hallway here a scene will play. Pull out your pistol and quickly shoot the block above the swinging trap that appears ahead to destroy it. Mash the on-screen button prompt in order to free Lara from the trap and quickly swim as fast as you can to the far end of the hallway.

Objective: Navigate to the top of the main chamber

From the start location look to the right behind the stone pillars above for a swinging Incense Burner (it looks like a metallic chandelier). There are seven of them in this room and we’ll need to shoot at the small block above each of them to destroy them to complete the Syria area challenge ‘Hang ‘em High’ . Shoot this one [ Hang ‘em High 01/07]. There is a second Incense Burner [ Hang ‘em High 02/07] by the pillar above on your left.

Drop into the pool of water below. Keep an eye on the right hand wall of the room here to find a section of weak wall with water dripping through. Break this down with Lara’s pickaxe to raise the water level in the room.

Look out for the Incense Burner challenge items (left) in this room. Break the first weak wall to raise the water level (right).

Look directly opposite of the wall we just destroyed to locate a platform that we can now access with the additional water. Scale the series of wooden ledges here and at the top climb up onto the stone ledge on the right. From here, hop across to the hanging wooden platform to again raise the water level in the room.

We’ll now be able to climb the central structure, but before we do there are quite a few points of interest to visit! Firstly, return to where we entered the room and facing the doorway, look on the now accessible ledge to the right to find a chest containing some Byzantine Coins .

Swim towards the main structure in the room and check out the ledge to the right to find a chest containing Relic [02/02 - Wooden Cross] . On the platform to the left of the main structure, you’ll find a Document [02/04 - Greek] atop a short wall and a Coin Cache [02/03] in the shallow pool behind it.

On the right side of the main chamber there is a Relic (left). To the left of the main structure is a Document (right).

Below the central structure is another chest containing some Byzantine Coins and at the top of the stairs directly behind the central structure (and a little to the right) you’ll find the final Coin Cache [03/03]. From this location, look towards the main structure. In the window to the left you’ll see an Incense Burner to shoot [ Hang ‘em High 03/07].

Return to the front of the central structure and (finally!) climb the wooden handholds here to reach the ledge above. Shimmy to the right and climb up. As soon as you are up, turn around and look below for an archway over a pool of water. Above this we can shoot an Incense Burner [ Hang ‘em High 04/07] .

Inside the structure here, you’ll experience your fist spike trap. When the game goes into slow motion unexpectedly, quickly jump forwards immediately to avoid falling in. Before exiting this level of the ruin, locate the nearby scroll for Document [03/04 - Greek] .

There is a Document on the middle level of the central structure (left). As you move towards the next upper platform, shoot Incense Burner 06 above (right).

From the central ruin, hop across to a platform atop the nearby stone pillar. At this point, turn around and look above where we just jumped from. In the open window here shoot the Incense Burner [ Hang ‘em High 05/07]. Continue across successive ledges until you find the entrance to a tunnel. Above the tunnel entrance there is another Incense Burner to shoot [ Hang ‘em High 06/07].

As you proceed through the tunnel, you’ll need to watch out for a pair of traps. First, there will be a spike trap we’ll need to jump over. Secondly, there will be a swinging trap that requires us to shoot the two stone blocks supporting it. Continue into the chamber at the far end of the tunnel.

Upon entering the room, look to the right to find a scroll on the ground for Document [04/04 - Greek] .

In the center of this room is a hanging wooden platform and a suspended wooden pallet. Shoot the block holding the pallet in place to have it drop into the water below. Jump across to the hanging wooden platform and then quickly to the platform on the opposite side of the room from the entrance (if we’re too slow we’ll be knocked off by water). On the floor as you land, you should see a pile of Byzantine Coins you can loot.

From this location, look towards the large iron gates facing the central structure below. Hanging from the roof above these you’ll find an Incense Burner to shoot [ Hang ‘em High 07/07].

Destroy the weak wall (left) to raise the water. Drop the pallet before standing on the hanging platform (right) to reach the ledge above.

Interact with the weak wall further along the platform to the right to raise the water level in the room. You will have noticed as you hopped across earlier that the hanging wooden platform actually opens a sluice gate. We’re going to want to jump on the hanging platform again and stand on it until we are forced off by the water.

When this happens, swim over and climb up onto the floating wooden pallet and then up to the handholds on the nearby wall before the water subsides. Jump across to the platform above the stone pillar and from here onto the beam supporting the wooden platform.

After a brief scene, you’ll find yourself back in the main room below. Climb the wooden handholds to the top for a story sequence.

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