Objective: Repel the Trinity attackers

As soon as you are back in control, drop down to the courtyard below and approach the camp fire to unlock a new Base Camp ‘Soviet Facility’. You can use the Base Camp here to apply any upgrades you require and spend any skill points you have. Exit the Base Camp menu when you are ready to continue.

When you are good to go, continue into the building ahead and loot the box of reagents, crate of Salvage and the Oil before continuing through the crack in the door.

Move along the hallway and as you go the door at the far end will burst open, allowing three enemies into the room with you. When you see the door taking damage ready a Poison/Grenade Arrow and as soon as you see the first enemy, let him have it. This should kill his friends too. If not, deal with them in any way you see fit.

Enter the doorway behind the Base Camp when you are ready to continue (left). Fight your way through the building (right) until a scene plays.

Enter the next doorway and wait for the grenade to go off before climbing the stairs. At the top a scene will play. As soon as the scene finishes, sprint forward (if you are too slow you will die!) and continue into the next room.

Turn the corner to the left to see another three enemies ahead. Try to shoot the red barrel here as soon as possible in an attempt to hit all three with the explosion at once. If unsuccessful, kill off the survivors using your available weaponry. Proceed through this room and at the far end you’ll encounter one more fellow who will charge at you.

Continue through the outside area and around the corner until a scene plays.

When you regain control, you’ll be in some water. Dive under the brick wall in front to find yourself beneath an ice sheet. There are eight enemies in the room above and several holes around the room. To clear this room in the easiest manner possible, stay submerged, approach the holes and pick off isolated enemies with silent drowning takedowns. If you get spotted simply mash the swim fast button to get away and approach another hole.

Use the holes in the ice to swim up and take down enemies (left). You can also hop out and use the smoke as cover to perform hit and run attacks (right).

Alternatively, (and slightly quicker) you can pull an enemy into the ice and purposely get spotted. Whilst the enemies are firing on your position, they should bunch up. Quickly swim to another hole and climb out before hitting one of the enemies with a Grenade/Poison Arrow to take out a large number at once. Repeat as necessary.

Either way, once you have cleared the room, surface and approach the objective marker for a cut-scene.

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The Road Less Travelled

Unlock the path to Kitezh

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