Objective: Track down Nadia’s missing Grandpa in the Eastern Canyons

To continue, you’ll want to make your way to the east and enter the cave leading to the ‘Voice of God’ Challenge Tomb (or fast travel to the ‘Frozen Gorge’ Base Camp to save a little time. If you haven’t been there yet, follow the objective marker!

From the ‘Frozen Gorge’ Base Camp, follow the set route along the cliffs, ledges and handholds until you reach the entrance to the Challenge Tomb’s puzzle area. Instead of heading inside, locate the stairs leading away from the entrance. Use the newly added zip line here to reach the wooden walkway on the far side of the chasm.

Use the Rope Arrows to cross the gap by the entrance to the Voice of God Challenge Tomb (left). Make your way through the cave (left) to reach the Wicked Vale.

Follow the wooden path here, hopping across the pair of gaps as required. Upon reaching the small camp fire, locate the crack between the rocks nearby and have Lara squeeze on through to find a cavern.

Use the icy platforms here to reach the lit up area at the far end of the area. Proceed through the passage here to reach the Wicked Vale.

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Abandon All Hope

Baba Yaga: Enter the Wicked Vale

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Objective: Search the Wicked Vale for Nadia’s missing Grandpa

A short distance along the set route you’ll find a new Base Camp ‘Wicked Vale’. You can use the Base Camp here to apply any upgrades you require and spend any skill points you have. Exit the Base Camp menu when you are ready to continue.

Before leaving the area, look on the floor by the camp fire to locate Document [01/21 - Russian] . Take the stairs to the right of the camp fire and at the top you’ll find another Document [02/21] atop a crate. Continue through the crack in the wall by the top of the stairs.

Document 01 can be found by the Base Camp at the entry to the Wicked Vale (left). Continue up the stairs and through the next passage (right) until the trippiness ends.

As you enter the next area, Lara will comment about some pollen in the air. We can’t do much else at this point but to follow the linear route. When you reach the creepy forest type area, follow the NPC that appears as he leads you through the area, triggering a few hallucinations and a jump scare or two.

After following him enough, you’ll reach the end of the route. A short scene will play and afterwards you’ll be able to venture through a crack in the rocks that appears.

Objective: It’s too late…There’s no escape…

Follow the snowy path down the slope until you reach a wooden platform overlooking a dry riverbed below. At this point a scene will play.

When you regain control, you’ll find yourself on the dry riverbed with a creepy boss monster looking on. A large group of zombie-style wolves will appear from the cave below the boss and will attack you immediately. In total there are 8-10 wolves that you will need to dispatch. Use whatever weapons you have at your disposal to deal with the oncoming threat but note that locating the den the wolves emerge from and planting Poison Arrows in front of it is a good way to take out several at once.

The boss will watch on (left) before fighting off the wolves (right). Kill them all to continue.

After killing all of the wolves off, a short scene will play.

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A Moment of Clarity

Baba Yaga: Face the Witch and live

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