The Baba Yaga DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider has a total of 22 Achievements in the Xbox One version and 15 Achievements in the Xbox360 version. These are awarded for a undertaking a variety of tasks including: progression through the single player campaign, nabbing all of the collectibles in the new region, smashing out high scores in ‘Expedition Mode’ and undergoing some additional miscellaneous tasks related to DLC-based combat and gameplay. Below you’ll find a categorized list of the achievements/trophies in the DLC and how you can unlock each one.

Baba Yaga (DLC) Progression Achievements/Trophies

The following six achievements/trophies will all come with story progression, so as long as you finish the DLC pack from start to finish (and at three hours, you really should do!) these should be pretty much un-missable. As these contain plot elements, I have left off the descriptions to avoid potential spoilers.

Here’s a list of said achievements/trophies in order of appearance:

Name Unlock
Hide and Seek Complete the ‘Disturbance in the Saw Mill’ mission.
Abandon All Hope Enter the Wicked Vale for the first time.
A Moment of Clarity Complete the ‘Chasing Grandpa’ mission.
Amateur Chemist Complete the ‘Making the Antidote’ mission.
Last Ride of the Witch House Complete the ‘True Vision’ mission.
Truth Behind the Myth Complete the ‘Defeating the Witch’ mission.

Baba Yaga (DLC) Collectible/Challenge Achievements/Trophies

These four achievements/trophies are tied into collecting a number of different items throughout the DLC’s brand new region - The Wicked Vale. These collectibles mirror those in the base game and include: Relics, Documents and Survival Caches. There is also another area-specific challenge to complete to earn an achievement/trophy. Note every collectible and area challenge item location is obtainable before the end of DLC, but you are free to explore following the final mission so there is no need to worry about missing anything! By following the walkthrough above, you’ll have everything necessary for 100% completion.

These are the collectible achievements/trophies in the Baba Yaga DLC:

Name Unlock
The Witch Bottles Collect all six Survival Caches in the Wicked Vale.
Season of the Witch Collect 10/21 Documents in the Wicked Vale.
Complete History of Witchcraft Collect all 21 Documents in the Wicked Vale.
Vasilisa’s Lanterns Complete the ‘Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ area challenge in the Wicked Vale.

Baba Yaga (DLC) Combat Achievements/Trophies

In addition to the platforming and occasional spell of problem solving, The Baba Yaga DLC, much like the base game in Rise of the Tomb Raider also has a fairly big focus on it’s combat system. As this is the case, there are quite a few achievements/trophies tied into unlocking and playing around with the game’s various weapons and techniques. In the case of Baba Yaga, there is a more specific, obvious focus on utilising the new equipment: the Dreamstinger Bow and the Wraithskin Outfit that Lara obtains upon completing the final mission of the DLC.

Below you’ll find the achievements/trophies tied into this portion of the DLC and how to unlock each of them.

Witch’s Wardrobe
Description: Equip the Dreamstinger and Wraithskin outfit together.

As soon as you complete the final mission of the DLC, Lara will be granted both new pieces of gear. Simply visit the nearest Base Camp and equip both the Wraithskin Outfit and the Dreamstinger Bow to instantly unlock this achievement/trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Witchs Wardrobe

Baba Yaga: Equip the Dreamstinger and Wraithskin outfit together

Trophy icon

‘Servant of the Witch’ and ‘Bravo’s Legacy’
Description: Confuse one enemy and 10 enemies total with the Dreamstinger.

The cool thing about the Dreamstinger Bow is that it will replace your standard Poison Arrows with a pollen-based poison which will cause confusion. Using this on an enemy will have the effect of basically enraging them and they’ll go ahead and attack anything in the nearby area, most likely other enemies. You’ll need to use this ability once to unlock the ’ Servant of the Witch’ achievement/trophy and have a cumulative 10 enemies affected by the Dreamstinger arrows to earn the ‘Bravo’s Legacy’ achievement/trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Servant of the Witch

Baba Yaga: Confuse an enemy with the Dreamstinger

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Bravos Legacy

Baba Yaga: Confuse 10 enemies with the Dreamstinger

Trophy icon

Persuasive Argument
Description: Confuse 3 enemies with one shot from the Dreamstinger.

This achievement/trophy is a little trickier than the others as the cloud generated by the Dreamstinger Arrows is not quite as large as those created by the standard Poison Arrows so you’ll need to fire at a group of enemies in close proximity. Fortunately, Expedition mode has us covered with an easy method for achieving this one. To set this up, you’ll firstly want to select ‘The Tower’ level. Choose the Dreamstinger Card and Wraithskin Outfit Card so that you have your new items available.

Play through the level until you reach the final fight at the end - you’ll know when you are here as Lara will need to crawl beneath the door to enter. As soon as you regain control of Lara you’ll see three enemies in the room ahead. Wait for all three to come close together and shoot a Dreamstinger Arrow at the floor between them. This will unlock the ‘Persuasive Argument’ achievement/trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Persuasive Argument

Baba Yaga: Confuse 3 enemies with one shot from the Dreamstinger

Trophy icon

‘Demon in the Dark’ and ‘Wraith of Siberia’
Description: Kill cumulative totals of 10 and 50 enemies whilst wearing the Wraithskin outfit.

After completing the DLC’s main campaign missions you’ll be rewarded with this outfit. Head to a nearby Base Camp and equip it right away. We’ll then need to meet the kill targets of 10 and 50 whilst wearing the outfit in order to unlock both achievements/trophies.

It should be noted that although you can fast travel around looking for patrols in the main game, it is also possible to earn this one in Expedition Mode. To set this up, you’ll firstly want to select a level with a lot of enemies such as ‘The Acropolis’ or ‘The Tower’ (or any level really if you are aiming for gold medals still). Then make sure that you select to use the Wraithskin Outfit Card so that you have your new outfit during said Expedition. Simply rack up 50 kills across your endeavours to have the achievements/trophies unlock.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Wraith of Siberia

Baba Yaga: Kill 50 enemies while wearing the Wraithskin outfit

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Demon in the Dark

Baba Yaga: Kill 10 enemies while wearing the Wraithskin outfit

Trophy icon

Baba Yaga (DLC) Miscellaneous Achievements/Trophies

These final three achievements/trophies are related to the completion of some simple in-game tasks that can only be found in the Wicked Vale. They are not particularly difficult, but they can be easy to miss if you don’t know what you are looking for. Fortunately, you’ll be back in free-roam once you have completed the DLC’s main storyline so you’ll be able to travel back and complete them at any point afterwards.

Below you’ll find a list of the miscellaneous achievements/trophies and how to unlock each of them:

Name Unlock
Fond Farewell After completing the main DLC storyline, speak to Nadia in the Witch’s Cave to unlock the achievement/trophy.
Henny Penny Whilst riding the gondola, simply have Lara jump to her death to unlock this one.
Why the Chicken Crossed the Vale Once the gondola is on the Witch’s Cave side of the valley, ride it back to its original location to earn the achievement/trophy.

Baba Yaga (DLC) Expedition Mode Achievements

As with the base game, Expedition Mode focuses on replaying segments of the campaign whilst attempting to earn medals for reaching benchmark high scores and challenge the world with the global leader boards. It features additional challenges which you can undertake to make things more interesting as well as collect and utilise hundreds of Expedition Cards which can be activate to modify the game in a variety of ways. There are three Baba Yaga DLC achievements/trophies tied into this game mode and they revolve around attempting the two new DLC missions and earning a specific numbers of medals.

Name Unlock
Witchcraft for Beginners Attempt a Wicked Vale level in score attack.
Witch-Hunt Earn a gold medal on a Wicked Vale level in score attack.
Witch Trials Earn a gold medal in both Wicked Vale levels in score attack.

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