Objective: Collect the reagents

Our objectives will now update and we’ll be required to gather some ingredients in order to make an antidote to counteract the hallucinogen in the Wicked Vale. This requires that we gather Seed Pods [5] from inside caves in the Soviet Installation region and hunt and kill a pair of deer for Deer Livers [2].

Following the scene, use your Rope Arrows to pull down the nearby roped up blockade. This will place you back at the ‘Wicked Vale’ Base Camp. Use the Base Camp to fast travel back to the ‘Logging Camp’ Base Camp in the Soviet Installation region.

Once you have arrived, look at your map and you’ll notice that there are five pink objective markers on the map marking the entrances to caves around the saw mill area that contain the Seed Pods that we require.The Seed Pods themselves can be harvested from a vine-type plant with red flowers (you’ll immediately recognize it when you see it). There are usually 2-3 of these in each of the caves and as such we’ll only need to explore a couple of caves in order to harvest all of the Seed Pods we require.

The caves will be highlighted with Survival instincts on (left). Inside the caves you’ll find the seedpods that are required (right).

As you are walking between caves, keep an eye out for Trinity soldiers patrolling around the saw mill (both times I played through the DLC there was a large patrol of 4-5 enemies just to the west). It’s also a good idea to look for Deer as we’ll be required to kill and skin two of them in order to scavenge the Deer Livers we require. If you aren’t having much luck with Deer in the Soviet Installation, feel free to revisit the Siberian Wilderness or the Geothermal Valley maps and hunt Deer there until you have the required reagents.

Once you have obtained five Seed Pods and two Deer Livers , your objectives will update.

Objective: Collect the Chemicals from the Copper Mill

At this point we’ll need to collect an additional reagent from the Copper Mill. Either fast travel to the ‘Copper Mill Yard’ Base Camp or run over to the entrance.

From the camp fire here, head through the gate that was previously blocked by the rope barricade we destroyed earlier and climb the ladder on the train in the next area. Jump across the adjacent rooftops until you reach the next ladder hanging from above. At this point, look to the left to spot a rope barrier that we can pull down (or an opening if you already pulled it down – remember there was a Poster for an area challenge inside). Inside the room behind this, you’ll find a small footlocker containing the Chemicals we require.

Enter the Copper Mill (left) and work your way to the doorway pictured (right) to find the chemicals inside.

Looting this will have Lara do a bit of chemistry work right then and there. It will also update your objectives.

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Amateur Chemist

Baba Yaga: Craft the Antidote

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