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A mostly uninhabited island off the shores from Nuvema Town. According to researchers, it may have been a part of Desert Resort once. Well, that must have been ages ago, unless tectonic movement is much faster in the Pokemon world.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Scraggy" IconScraggy Dark/Fighting Tall/Dark grass 40%
"Dwebble" IconDwebble Bug/Rock Tall/Dark grass 30%
"Watchog" IconWatchog Normal Tall/Dark grass 20%
"Throh" IconThroh (W) Fighting Tall/Dark/Shaking grass 10%, 5% (Shaking grass)
"Sawk" IconSawk (B) Fighting Tall/Dark/Shaking grass 10%, 5% (Shaking grass)
"Crustle" IconCrustle Bug/Rock Dark grass 30%
"Audino" IconAudino Normal Shaking grass 95%
"Exeggcute" IconExeggcute Grass/Psychic Grass Swarm 40%
"Larvesta" IconLarvesta Bug/Fire Gift Only One
Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Frillish" IconFrillish Water/Ghost Surf 50%
"Alomomola" IconAlomomola Water Surf 95% (Rippling water)
"Jellicent" IconJellicent Water/Ghost Surf 2.5% (Rippling water)
"Finneon" IconFinneon Water Super Rod 64%
"Horsea" IconHorsea Water Super Rod 35%
"Chinchou" IconChinchou Water/Electric Super Rod 1%
"Seadra" IconSeadra Water Super Rod 60% (Rippling water)
"Qwilfish" IconQwilfish Water/Poison Super Rod 30% (Rippling water)
"Lumineon" IconLumineon Water Super Rod 5% (Rippling water)
"Kingdra" IconKingdra Water/Dragon Super Rod 5% (Rippling water)


Max Elixir, HM05 Waterfall, Calcium, Dragon Scale, Pearl, Big Pearl, TM19 Telekinesis, TM32 Double Team (postgame)


As soon as you land on the shore, you’ll be in Route 18. Normally there’s a location indicator in the top-left corner, but that’s skipped whenever you enter an area by force–in this case, the ocean’s force.

Anyway, head north and then left up the stairs, passing by the hiker ahead.

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
"Boldore" IconBoldore 34 Rock
"Crustle" IconCrustle 34 Bug/Rock

If you can’t grab the egg now, at least you can always grab some healing.

Continue left, through the grass, and you’ll find a house smack back in the centre of the island. Head inside for some free healing and a mysterious egg .

Hopefully you noticed our warning in the previous page about leaving an open slot; otherwise you’ll need to return to a PC to make space in your party as you can’t receive the egg with a full party. And the nearest PC is two routes away… Oh boy.

Like other Pokemon eggs, if you keep it in your party and walk/run/bike for ages, it’ll eventually hatch into a baby Pokemon. In this case, the rare "Larvesta" IconLarvesta . At this stage, it’ll take a lot of effort to raise Larvesta into a capable fighting machine, but it’s your call.

Also bear in mind you can catch Larvesta’s evolution after you beat the game. Which sounds far away, but is only, what, 2 gyms and the Elite 4 away?

Waterfall isn’t super useful, but it’s essential for postgame completion.

From here, you can explore the rest of the island, using the central house as a resting spot. Of note, head towards the south-west corner to find HM05 Waterfall . There are also side areas where Strength is needed.

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
"Emolga" IconEmolga 35 Electric/Flying

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
"Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott 35 Grass

To exit this route, head in a clockwise direction around the island from the central house, first going down the large flight of stairs leading west. Then when you reach the northern part of the island, climb up the large flight of stairs and head east past the Veteran.

Trainer Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
"Basculin" IconBasculin 35 Water
"Simisage" IconSimisage 35 Grass
"Darmanitan" IconDarmanitan 35 Fire

Look carefully and you’ll notice 1-square gaps between the ocean currents.

Keep heading east until you reach lower ground again and the open sea to your east. This will take you to the rest of Route 17 , but honestly the area is so short we don’t need another section for it. Follow the ocean currents east and you’ll wash up at the P2 Laboratory .

Likewise, the lab is just one room, two items and one battle (outside to the south), so you should be able to handle that.

Back in Route 17, if you weave through the ocean currents, in a south-westerly direction, you’ll be able to reach another section of Route 18. This area is pretty brief too, but you can find an exciting battle here as well as a rare TM19 Telekinesis .

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
"Scraggy" IconScraggy 35 Dark/Fighting
"Gurdurr" IconGurdurr 35 Fighting
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