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Parlyz Heal, BrightPowder, Star Piece, Hyper Potion, Rare Candy, TM69 Rock Polish (postgame)

Floor B2F

This optional floor is pretty straightforward, featuring two hardcore Ace Trainers and a couple of items. Just keep a note of where you came from and you shouldn’t get lost. But if you do lose your place, for whatever reason, head in a north-westerly direction to find the stairs leading back up.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
"Drilbur" IconDrilbur 30 Ground
"Zebstrika" IconZebstrika 30 Electric

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
"Gothita" IconGothita 29 Psychic
"Lilligant" IconLilligant 29 Grass
"Ducklett" IconDucklett 29 Water/Flying

Floor 1F

From the outbound stairs, go right, then down and you’ll soon reach a crossroads. Heading left and down will send you towards some battles and items. Of note, you can reach the area before you crossed the large bridge if you push the electric block to the left; useful if you want to return to the cave entrance.

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
"Klink" IconKlink 29 Steel

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
"Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott 30 Grass
"Tirtouga" IconTirtouga 30 Water/Rock

What lies to the right, you might ask? Well, if you’re going that way, make sure your party is fighting fit as N is waiting for you ahead. Unfortunately, that’s the way you need to go, so there’s no escaping this battle. When you’re confident, start to walk that way to face your main rival.

Trainer Battle: N

N comes complete with quite a few different types which makes this battle tricky.

Pokemon Level Type
"Boldore" IconBoldore 28 Rock
"Joltik" IconJoltik 28 Bug/Electric
"Ferroseed" IconFerroseed 28 Grass/Steel
"Klink" IconKlink 28 Steel

With N dispatched, exit the cave to arrive in the next city.

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