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Watch where you go; this route is filled with super-tall grass, which makes travel a chore. Or it would’ve been, if it weren’t for the narrow, wooden walkways that allow you to safely cross over the grass. That said, a sudden lapse of concentration can cause you to fall off, so be careful.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Watchog" IconWatchog Normal Tall/Dark grass 20%
"Zebstrika" IconZebstrika Electric Tall/Dark grass 20%
"Foongus" IconFoongus Grass/Poison Tall/Dark grass 10%
"Tranquill" IconTranquill (except Winter) Normal/Flying Tall/Dark grass 30%
"Deerling" IconDeerling (All seasons) Normal Tall/Dark grass 20%
"Cubchoo" IconCubchoo (Winter only) Ice Tall/Dark grass 30%
"Audino" IconAudino Normal Shaking grass 85%
"Unfezant" IconUnfezant Normal/Flying Shaking grass 2.5%
"Emolga" IconEmolga Electric/Flying Shaking grass 10%
"Sentret" IconSentret Normal Swarm 40%


TM57 Charge Beam, Ultra Ball, Lum Berry, Aspear Berry, PP Up, Max Ether, TM81 X-Scissor


From the start, there are a few ways for you to progress through this route. You can head through the tall grass immediately to the north, take the elevated route to the left, where a trainer awaits, or use the thin bridge just before the tall grass to try and cut over the tall grass.

If you use the bridges, you can skip a lot of battles (both wild Pokemon and trainers), but you may have to battle some acrobatic clowns that get in your way. Just keep moving on the bridges and you’ll stay on them; stop for too long or move out of direction and your character will fall off.

Once you reach the house on the other side, head right, then follow the footpath all the way up and you’ll soon find the Celestial Tower in a dead end.

Just before Celestial Tower, there’s a handy resthouse to the east.

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
"Simisear" IconSimisear 31 Fire

Trainer Battle: Youngster

Pokemon Level Type
"Dwebble" IconDwebble 30 Bug/Rock
"Simisage" IconSimisage 30 Grass

Trainer Battle: Youngster

Pokemon Level Type
"Palpitoad" IconPalpitoad 29 Water/Ground
"Scolipede" IconScolipede 29 Bug/Poison
"Shelmet" IconShelmet 29 Bug

Rotation/Triple Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
"Liepard" IconLiepard 32 Dark
"Watchog" IconWatchog 32 Normal
"Swoobat" IconSwoobat 32 Psychic/Flying

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
"Minccino" IconMinccino 31 Normal

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
"Swadloon" IconSwadloon 30 Bug/Grass
"Simipour" IconSimipour 30 Water
"Tranquill" IconTranquill 30 Normal/Flying

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
"Solosis" IconSolosis 31 Psychic
"Axew" IconAxew 31 Dragon
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