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The Castelia Gym can be found here (left). It is a Bug type gym.


Burgh is a fan of bug type Pokémon, if you couldn’t guess from his name, and as such he’s adorned his gym in the fashion of a hive and spread honey everywhere, because that’s the sane thing to do.

Need to Train?

It’s quite a trek to reach a prior area however if you exit Castelia to the north then you’ll find Route 4 in which various wild Pokémon around Level 15 wander just waiting to be swatted aside for experience points.

Need Help?

Bug types are weak to fire and flying attacks and there’s a two in three chance you’ve got "Tepig" IconTepig or "Pansear" IconPansear in your party, if this is you then go right on in. Otherwise it would be wise to grab a "Pidove" IconPidove from any of the routes, it’ll prove invaluable in this gym and also work as a flying creature later on in your adventure.

Enter and talk to the guide to receive a Fresh Water . Head forward and keep walking into the honey wall to push through it. Once past it, and slightly more sticky for your trouble, stand on the floor switch. Only one way to go now, so head right and fight the Clown.

Trainer Battle 1

Pokemon Level Type
"Sewaddle" IconSewaddle 20 Bug/Grass
"Venipede" IconVenipede 20 Bug/Poison

This switch will open a door, but some doors need two switches pressed to open.

Head right, stand on the switch, and then walk through the revealed honey door. The switch in front of you will cause a Clown to pop up.

Trainer Battle 2

Pokemon Level Type
"Sewaddle" IconSewaddle 20 Bug/Grass
"Dwebble" IconDwebble 20 Bug/Rock

Hit the switch in the right hand alcove and then head left and hit the switch here, a honey door will open to your right so head through and hit the switch here. Exit and carry on left, press the next switch before heading down through the honey wall. Head left and up, the switch here activates a battle against a clown.

Trainer Battle 3

Pokemon Level Type
"Sewaddle" IconSewaddle 21 Bug/Grass

Push through the next honey door and hit the button here to open yet another gate back from where you came. Head back through two honey doors and then push through the one you just opened where you’ll have to fight a clown.

Trainer Battle 4

Pokemon Level Type
"Venipede" IconVenipede 20 Bug/Poison
"Sewaddle" IconSewaddle 20 Bug/Grass

Step forward and hit the final switch to open the honey door to the leader’s pedestal. Run through and up the stairs to fight Burgh.

Gym Leader Burgh

Burgh uses a variety of Bug type Pokémon.

Pokemon Level Type
"Whirlipede" IconWhirlipede 21 Bug/Poison
"Dwebble" IconDwebble 21 Bug/Rock
"Leavanny" IconLeavanny 23 Bug/Grass

Burgh isn’t all that presuming you’re well equipped to deal with bug Pokémon, simply put your most fire emitting foot forward and roast his bugs in a display of unrestrained aggression. Beating Burgh will get you the third badge as well as TM76 Struggle Bug .

Exit the gym and answer your Xtransceiver to discover the location of your next objective…

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