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Relic Castle can now be explored fully.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Sandile" IconSandile Ground/Dark 1F-B1F 50%
"Yamask" IconYamask Ghost 1F-B1F 50%
"Krokorok" IconKrokorok Ground/Dark B2F-B7F 50%, 35% (B7F)
"Cofagrigus" IconCofagrigus Ghost B2F-B7F 50%, 20% (B7F)
"Sandslash" IconSandslash Ground B7F 30%
"Onix" IconOnix Rock/Ground B7F 15%
"Claydol" IconClaydol Ground/Psychic Central/"Volcarona" IconVolcarona’s room 100%
"Volcarona" IconVolcarona Bug/Fire Special Only one


Max Potion, TM30 Shadow Ball, Max Revive, Super Potion, Sun Stone, PP Up


Run to the very left of the room, however don’t run over the sinkholes as they will suck you in, walk over these. Take the stairs down to Basement Floor 1 .

Team Plasma are here already, surprise surprise, so head forward and begin your campaign.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
"Watchog" IconWatchog 34 Normal
"Krokorok" IconKrokorok 34 Ground/Dark
"Krokorok" IconKrokorok 34 Ground/Dark

Don’t worry… it’s safe to jump in.

Once beaten walk into the quick sand past the grunt and ride it down to Basement Floor 2 . Now head to the left.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
"Scraggy" IconScraggy 35 Dark/Fighting
"Watchog" IconWatchog 35 Normal

Pass the sinkhole and attempt to pass the next Plasma grunt to start a fight with her.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
"Garbodor" IconGarbodor 36 Poison

Head past and drop down the quick sand to Basement Floor 3. Once free of the suction run left for another scrap.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
"Krokorok" IconKrokorok 36 Ground/Dark

Ignore the first quick sand, walk around it to the left, and fight the next grunt.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
"Liepard" IconLiepard 34 Dark
"Trubbish" IconTrubbish 34 Poison
"Trubbish" IconTrubbish 34 Poison

If you fall down the wrong sinkhole, there will be stairs leading back to the entrance.

With her dispatched drop down the quick sand that is located past her, down into Basement Level 4 . Walk left and you’ll meet another pair of grunts eager to be beaten.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
"Watchog" IconWatchog 35 Normal
"Scraggy" IconScraggy 35 Dark/Fighting

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
"Trubbish" IconTrubbish 35 Poison
"Liepard" IconLiepard 35 Dark

Waltz past them with ease and drop down the quick sand to enter Basement Level 5 where you’ll discover all your battling was for naught. Before long the Professor will phone and ask you to come to the Nacrene City museum, so don’t keep her waiting, Fly over there instantly.

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