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Icirrus City Gym


Arguably the most understated gym leader in all of Unova, this ice cave is one of the trickiest to navigate, so we can only assume the leader couldn’t work out how to leave and give you a task.

Need to Train?

The Moor of Icirrus to the north-east of town or Twist Mountain are your best bets to help sculpt your team’s muscles. If you need a Pokémon to beat the gym, find a Fighting type at Twist Mountain and train it against Twist Mountain’s Rock types.

Need Help?

Ice Pokémon are weak to a huge variety of techniques, Fire for one, "Tepig" IconTepig starters rejoice. If you’re in need of a Pokémon to help out however, return to Twist Mountain and catch a "Gurdurr" IconGurdurr–a Fighting type that will shatter all these Ice creatures with ease.

Grab the Fresh Water as always. Just like the inside of the Cold Storage building this gym is all about sliding on ice. Walk straight forward, ride the ice, then move right when you stop, fight the trainer here.

Trainer Battle 1

Pokemon Level Type
"Cubchoo" IconCubchoo 35 Ice
"Cubchoo" IconCubchoo 35 Ice
"Cryogonal" IconCryogonal 35 Ice

The angled sliders make you do a U-turn, so try and use that info to visualise your path.

Head up and step on the button, this rotates the angled slider letting you reach previously inaccessible areas.

Slide left and let the ice throw you toward the next trainer.

Trainer Battle 2

Pokemon Level Type
"Cryogonal" IconCryogonal 37 Ice

Head right and ride the jump to meet your next opponent.

Trainer Battle 3

Pokemon Level Type
"Cubchoo" IconCubchoo 37 Ice

Slide time now, just follow the directions every time you stop. Move right, up, right, up, and meet another trainer.

Trainer Battle 4

Pokemon Level Type
"Cubchoo" IconCubchoo 36 Ice
"Vanillish" IconVanillish 36 Ice

After pressing the next switch, you need to go back and reuse the previous curve once more.

Slide down then right onto the solid ground. Follow this concrete round then slide left, where the arrow on the path indicates, and ride the curve. From here slide up to hit the switch. Like before, this rotates the angled slide.

Next, slide up, left, and then down into the curve again. Follow the path left to tackle the next trainer.

Trainer Battle 5

Pokemon Level Type
"Vanillish" IconVanillish 36 Ice
"Vanillish" IconVanillish 36 Ice

Slide left then up to the curve, From where you stop go right, up, then right into the curve again. Where you land this time slide up, follow the path, and then up again and you’ll encounter…

Trainer Battle 6

Pokemon Level Type
"Vanillish" IconVanillish 36 Ice
"Cubchoo" IconCubchoo 36 Ice

Walk right and hit the button, right again, now slide down into the curve. Where you stop slide left, then down, then left again into the curve. One final slide up and you’ll meet the leader of this health hazard…

Gym Leader Brycen

You’ve probably gathered what type Brycen uses. Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel Pokemon will have no problems.

Pokemon Level Type
"Vanillish" IconVanillish 37 Ice
"Cryogonal" IconCryogonal 37 Ice
"Beartic" IconBeartic 39 Ice

Ice Pokémon are fantastically weak to a couple of different types of attacks: Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel.

This makes the gym fairly easy, however you can’t breeze through it on account of the final Pokémon here being a monster. "Beartic" IconBeartic is a high Level and has defense to spare, show it no quarter and slam it with super effective attacks, dipping into your pool of Hyper Potions if necessary, you should be ok.

Succeed and you’ll receive TM70 Frost Breath . Safely store the TM in your pocket, then use the passage to the left, before you took the stairs, to quickly leave the gym.

Once you exit the gym you’ll meet Cheren and Bianca, before being onset by Team Plasma with an invitation to Dragonspiral Tower , so heal up and then run north as far as you can…

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