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Dreamyard Basement

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Patrat" IconPatrat Normal Tall grass Ruins 40%
"Purrloin" IconPurrloin Dark Tall grassRuins 40%
"Munna" IconMunna Psychic Dark grass Ruins/Basement 20%, 10% (Outside)
"Raticate" IconRaticate Normal Dark grass Ruins/Basement 10%, 35% (Basement)
"Venomoth" IconVenomoth Bug/Poison Dark grass Ruins 10%
"Ledian" IconLedian Bug/Flying Dark grass Ruins/Basement 10%, 5% (Basement)
"Ariados" IconAriados Bug/Poison Dark grass Ruins/Basement 10%, 5% (Basement)
"Kricketune" IconKricketune Bug Dark grass Ruins/Basement 10%, 35% (Basement)
"Watchog" IconWatchog Normal Dark grass Ruins 20%
"Liepard" IconLiepard Dark Dark grass Ruins 20%
"Musharna" IconMusharna Psychic Shaking grass Ruins/Special 5%, Once per week in Basement
"Audino" IconAudino Normal Shaking grass Ruins 95%


Awakening, Twisted Spoon, Revive, TM75 Swords Dance, Max Potion, Hyper Potion, TM85 Dream Eater


It’s been a long time since we first came here… Heck, you didn’t even have a Gym badge; that’s how long ago it was! Anyway, remember the orange cone north-east of the girl that gave you the Pan monkey?

For some reason or other, it’s gone, so you can now head through the gap it was blocking and down the stairs to the secret basement. Inside are a couple of trainers–the first, a Scientist that you can’t avoid.

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
"Drowzee" IconDrowzee 63 Psychic
"Musharna" IconMusharna 63 Psychic
"Hypno" IconHypno 63 Psychic

After surmounting that challenge, you’ll find a peculiar sight beyond: trainers actively trying to avoid you for a change! What are they, shy? If you want, you can chase after ’em for a battle.

Um… are we really that intimidating?

Whatever the case, navigate to your left, then through the gaps below and then turn right, for the stairs in the south-east corner.

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
"Poliwhirl" IconPoliwhirl 63 Water
"Parasect" IconParasect 63 Bug/Grass
"Musharna" IconMusharna 63 Psychic

Trainer Battle: Psychic

Pokemon Level Type
"Beldum" IconBeldum 63 Steel/Psychic
"Reuniclus" IconReuniclus 63 Psychic
"Beheeyem" IconBeheeyem 63 Psychic
"Metang" IconMetang 63 Steel/Psychic

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
"Jigglypuff" IconJigglypuff 64 Normal
"Musharna" IconMusharna 64 Psychic

Trainer Battle: Psychic

Pokemon Level Type
"Natu" IconNatu 64 Psychic/Flying
"Banette" IconBanette 64 Ghost
"Xatu" IconXatu 64 Psychic/Flying

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
"Musharna" IconMusharna 64 Psychic
"Stantler" IconStantler 64 Normal

Trainer Battle: Psychic

Pokemon Level Type
"Starmie" IconStarmie 65 Water/Psychic
"Wobbuffet" IconWobbuffet 65 Psychic

Outside, go around the stairs and run left for a Revive . Next, head south from the stairs, towards the tiny space above the trees in the bottom-right corner.

Holy–don’t give us a heart attack, Gorm!

After Looker apprehends Gorm, cautiously make your left, through the grass, then head north through the large gap in the walls. In front of you are more stairs and, above that, a boulder you can push to return to the entrance.

At this moment, you may as well head down the stairs to see what’s ahead. Back downstairs, casually stroll north, grabbing the TM85 Dream Eater hiding in the grass straight ahead.

If it’s Friday, head right to find a "Musharna" IconMusharna floating above another patch of grass. Give it a thorough inspection with the A button to begin a battle…

Wild Pokemon: Musharna

Musharna only appears here on Fridays so try not to K.O it unless you don’t mind waiting.

Pokemon Level Type
"Musharna" IconMusharna 50 Psychic

This Musharna is special in that it has its Hidden Ability, Telepathy , letting it automatically evade multi-hitting moves used by its partner(s) during Double/Triple Battles. No need to worry about hurting poor Musharna with the likes of Surf or Earthquake.

If you can’t get enough of Musharna (or you accidentally faint it), you can catch another one next Friday. With that done, feel free to linger around for any missing items or exit for the next location on your checklist.

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