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This route, situated by a sharp cliff, is the site of the Poke Transfer Lab. Apparently, due to the experiments here, Pokemon from other regions have managed to sneak into Unova… Which is excellent for any Pokemon trainer, really.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Fearow" IconFearow Normal/Flying Tall/Dark grass 30%
"Marowak" IconMarowak Ground Tall/Dark grass 20%
"Kangaskhan" IconKangaskhan Normal Tall/Dark grass 10%
"Gligar" IconGligar Ground/Flying Tall/Dark grass 15%, 10% (Dark grass)
"Pupitar" IconPupitar Rock/Ground Tall/Dark grass 10%
"Sawk" IconSawk (B) Fighting Tall/Dark/Shaking grass 15%, 5% (Shaking grass)
"Throh" IconThroh (W) Fighting Tall/Dark/Shaking grass 15%, 5% (Shaking grass)
"Watchog" IconWatchog Normal Dark grass 5%
"Tyranitar" IconTyranitar Rock/Dark Shaking grass 5%
"Gliscor" IconGliscor Ground/Flying Shaking grass 5%
"Audino" IconAudino Normal Shaking grass 75%
"Emolga" IconEmolga Electric/Flying Shaking grass 10%
"Mankey" IconMankey Fighting Swarm 40%
"Rotom" IconRotom Electric/Ghost Trade "Ditto" IconDitto Only one


Sitrus Berry, Ultra Ball, Max Revive, TM09 Venoshock

Points of Interest

  • A scientist in a trailer by the western gatehouse wants to trade her "Rotom" IconRotom for your "Ditto" IconDitto. Remember you can change Rotom’s form in Shopping Mall Nine!
  • The Poke Transfer Lab in the middle of this route allows you to bring Pokemon from a previous Pokemon DS game to Black/White.


There are two ways to proceed here. You can take the higher route, by going up the stairs and using the bridges; doing so will take you near the Poke Transfer Lab and allow you to avoid many battles.

You may have used the Relocator before, possibly… or not… but the Poke Transfer Lab lets you transfer any Pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold, SoulSilver or Platinum into Black/White. Essential for filling your National Dex.

Alternatively you can go down the stairs, to the lower route, which is full of grass and trainer battles. We recommend taking both routes, because why not?

We already warned you earlier, but the Pokemon (both wild and trainer-owned) in postgame areas are much higher Level than previous ones you’ve encountered. Look at it this way: Ghetsis’s "Hydreigon" IconHydreigon was Level 54 and the lowest trainer Pokemon here are Level 62…

This trend continues for the entirety of the postgame, so get used to laying down super-effective hits and constantly healing your Pokemon party between battles. Due to the way experience scaling works, your Pokemon will gain a lot of experience for each win–more if they have the Lucky Egg.

Note that there are a couple of minor boulder puzzles in the lower route, so a Pokemon with Strength will come in handy. Just think about where the boulder needs to go and how to move it there and you should do OK. If the boulder gets stuck, just leave the area to reset its position.

You will need to push these boulders from multiple directions to get them into place.

Trainer Battle: Pokefan

Pokemon Level Type
"Gulpin" IconGulpin 62 Poison
"Drifloon" IconDrifloon 62 Ghost/Flying
"Spheal" IconSpheal 62 Water/Ice
"Swablu" IconSwablu 62 Normal/Flying

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
"Altaria" IconAltaria 65 Dragon/Flying
"Abomasnow" IconAbomasnow 65 Ice/Grass

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
"Meditite" IconMeditite 64 Fighting/Psychic
"Hitmontop" IconHitmontop 64 Fighting
"Medicham" IconMedicham 64 Fighting/Psychic

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
"Marowak" IconMarowak 65 Ground
"Exeggutor" IconExeggutor 65 Grass/Psychic

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
"Hippowdon" IconHippowdon 63 Ground
"Gligar" IconGligar 63 Ground/Flying
"Onix" IconOnix 63 Rock/Ground
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