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Giant Chasm (Cave)


A giant impact crater that has since become the habitat of high Level Pokemon. The people of Lacunosa Town fear the “monster” that resides here. You? You’re coming here to catch the Legendary Pokemon "Kyurem" IconKyurem!

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Piloswine" IconPiloswine Ice/Ground Everywhere 25%
"Golbat" IconGolbat Psychic/Flying Everywhere 20%
"Sneasel" IconSneasel Dark/Ice Everywhere 10%
"Delibird" IconDelibird Ice/Flying Everywhere 10%
"Lunatone" IconLunatone Rock/Psychic Everywhere 10%
"Solrock" IconSolrock Rock/Psychic Everywhere 10%
"Jynx" IconJynx Ice/Psychic Everywhere 10%
"Boldore" IconBoldore Rock Everywhere 5%
"Excadrill" IconExcadrill Ground/Steel Dust Cloud 100%
Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Red "Basculin" IconBasculin (B) Water Surf/Super Rod 70%, 30% (Rippling water/Fishing)
Blue "Basculin" IconBasculin (W) Water Surf/Super Rod 70%, 30% (Rippling water/Fishing)
"Seel" IconSeel Water Surf 30%, 60% (Rippling water)
"Dewgong" IconDewgong Water/Ice Surf 10% (Rippling water)
"Poliwag" IconPoliwag Water Super Rod 65%
"Poliwhirl" IconPoliwhirl Water Super Rod 5%, 65% (Rippling water)
"Poliwrath" IconPoliwrath Water/Fighting Super Rod 5% (Rippling water)


Big Mushroom, Star Piece, Tiny Mushroom, Comet Shard


To get here, you must navigate to the south-east corner of Route 13, where there’s a hidden passageway of sorts that leads here. For full instructions, refer to the previous page “Route 13 (Part 2)”.

Upon exiting Route 13, head in an anti-clockwise direction, down the flight of stairs until you spot a conspicuous cave entrance. Well, what are you waiting for? Head on in… Actually, if your Pokemon need rest, it would be wise to head to Lacunosa Town to rest them first.

Items or time: your choice.

Inside the cave, the fun begins… Just ahead, on lower ground, there’s a cave exit, but you can’t get there from where you are now. Instead, go left or right. Right is the quickest route, while left takes you all the way around the cave.

If you go left though, you’re in a prime position to grab many items. Just follow the cave in a clock-wise direction until you reach the north-east corner. Then hop down the ledge and continue all the way south until you see a boulder on the left.

If you went right, you’ll be at this boulder right now. Simply use Strength to shove it left, then continue left. Just before the ledge going down, go up a bit and down the stairs to the left. It’s a bit hard to see the stairs sometimes. Then exit the cave ahead.

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