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With all the essential tasks in Castelia City done and dusted (other than the gym battle, which you’ll find on the next page), now it’s time to see what side activities await in this bustling city.

Battle Company

Got Pokemon lagging behind? Give them the Exp. Share so they can leech exp. efficiently.

On the same street as the Pokemon Centre, head left and after passing the first street/pier, the Battle Company building can be found to your left. Inside, you’ll find two floors containing business-types who you can challenge to a satisfying Pokemon battle.

In particular, on the top floor, you can battle the chairman of the Battle Company in the top-right corner to earn yourself a very useful Exp. Share item. When given to a Pokemon, that Pokemon will earn half the experiences from battle, even if they don’t participate. Very useful for training newly caught critters!

Evolution Stone

Just as you enter Castelia City from the right-most gatehouse, head south to enter the pier. Standing around here is a scientist who will give you a Fire Stone , Thunder Stone or Leaf Stone to evolve your Pan monkey. Which is great for boosting your team strength.

Be wary that using an evolution stone usually prevents your Pokemon from learning additional attack moves, so you may want to put off evolution until you’ve learned some all the moves you want. Alternatively, you can use TMs to teach new moves instead.

Narrow Street

It’s very easy to miss Flash, so hopefully we’ve saved you time searching for it.

To the left of the Battle Company, head north to enter the seedy and aptly named “Narrow Street”. Continue north to get jumped and TM70 Flash thrust into your bag. This TM is essential for navigating dark caves, so keep it handy and teach it to a Pokemon if you can.

If you go a little north, you will also find Cafe Sonata, where if you bring along the mythical Pokemon "Meloetta" IconMeloetta, you can teach it Relic Song , allowing it to change forms mid-battle.


Again, from the Pokemon Centre, turn right this time and head north into the street nearby. Enter the first building to the right to step into the legendary GAME FREAK HQ.

On the first floor, if you bring along the mythical Pokemon "Celebi" IconCelebi , obtained from a special event in a previous Pokemon DS game, you can obtain a rare Pokemon: "Zorua" IconZorua .

Upstairs, you can chat with the game developers and take a sneak peak at their crazy lives. After you’ve beaten the game, you can return here for a challenging Pokemon battle, so look forward to that!

Dancer Troupe

Don’t lose your head searching for the dancers. Just head south in a line from the first one.

Towards the north of the city is Central Plaza, a pleasant relaxation spot amidst the city chaos. Standing in front of the large water fountain is an energetic breakdancer who will invite you to a Pokemon battle. Conquer his challenge and he’ll propose a request for you: to find two more dancers.

Head directly south from the dancer, taking the street to the centre-left to return to Narrow Street. Around here, you should notice a similar dancer hanging about. Speak to him and he’ll ask for a Pokemon battle before he’ll join the dance group.

For the final dancer, continue south towards the street with the Pokemon Centre and head directly south here, into the nearest pier. Along the south of the pier, you should spot your target. Like before, you’ll need to beat him in battle before he’ll submit to your request.

Having gathered all three dancers together, return to the original dancer in Central Plaza to be rewarded with an Amulet Coin . This snazzy piece of jewellery doubles your post-battle earnings if a Pokemon holding it participates in battle. Cha-ching!

The Relocator

Entering the pass can be tougher than it ought to be…

From Central Plaza, head north into the final street before Route 4. Here, enter the building to the left and head upstairs to find a scientist hiding a secret invention. To gain access, you need to pick four particular choice words: EVERYONE HAPPY SIMPLE CONNECTION

This wouldn’t be so hard if you could just write the words, but instead you need to pick from these categories: PEOPLE FEELINGS STATS CONNECTION

Enter all four in order and “Relocator” will be added to the start menu after you save your game. This feature lets you transfer a Shiny "Raikou" IconRaikou, Shiny "Entei" IconEntei, Shiny "Suicune" IconSuicune or Celebi obtained from special events in a previous Pokemon DS title into your current game

These special Pokemon can be used to trigger events in this game (like the Zorua event mentioned above). Once you’ve beaten the game, you no longer need to use the Relocator and you can transfer any Pokemon from a previous Pokemon DS game! Sweet!

Other Sights

We haven’t covered all of the tourist attractions in Castelia, but these are the biggest ones. Also look out for Studio Castelia, the Casteliacone stall, the Passerby Analytics HQ and a black-suited man at the end of the Pokemon Centre.

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