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There’s quite a lot to Route 3. It’s the first place you’ll find double grass, while the Day Care Center means those obsessed with creating the finest team of Pokémon Unova has seen will be visiting often. Come in Summer to enjoy the sparkling water.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Patrat" IconPatrat Normal Tall grass 20%
"Purrloin" IconPurrloin Dark Tall grass 10%
"Pidove" IconPidove Normal/Flying Tall grass 40%
"Blitzle" IconBlitzle Electric Tall grass 20%
"Lillipup" IconLillipup Normal Tall grass 10%
"Volbeat" IconVolbeat (B) Bug Swarm 40%
"Illumise" IconIllumise (W) Bug Swarm 40%
"Audino" IconAudino Normal Shaking grass 100%
Red "Basculin" IconBasculin (B) Water Surf/Super Rod 100% (Surf), 30% (Fishing)
Blue "Basculin" IconBasculin (W) Water Surf/Super Rod 100% (Surf), 30% (Fishing)
"Goldeen" IconGoldeen Water Super Rod 70%, 60% (Rippling water)
"Seaking" IconSeaking Water Super Rod 10% (Ripping water)


Obtainable now
Super Potion, Oran Berry, Repel, Antidote, Great Ball, Awakening, Heal Ball (after Wellspring Cave)
Surf required
Full Heal, HP Up, Max Ether, Lum Berry, Rare Candy

Points of Interest

  • The Day Care Center is found along this route, perfect for breeding and fostering your Pokémon.
  • Once you have Surf, you can cross the waters and battle a trainer with Level 32 Pokémon.


Immediately ahead of you is the Day Care Center; here, you can drop off your Pokemon there and they’ll Level Up as you walk around. Right now, you can only leave one Pokemon in the Day Care, but once you reach Nimbasa City, you’ll be able to leave two at once.

If you leave two compatible Pokemon (usually a male and a female who share the same “egg group”), you may receive a Pokemon egg. Just keep your egg in your party and eventually it’ll hatch into a Level 1 Pokemon.

Inside the preschool, speak to the nursery aide to heal your Pokemon!

To the left of the Day Care Center is a preschool playground, where you can choose to interrupt the activites and participate in some “educational” Pokemon battles with the teachers and students. Just be careful not to make them cry…

Trainer Battle: Nursery Aide

Pokemon Level Type
"Lillipup" IconLillipup 10 Normal
"Munna" IconMunna 10 Psychic

Trainer Battle: Preschooler

Pokemon Level Type
"Panpour" IconPanpour 10 Water

Trainer Battle: Preschooler

Pokemon Level Type
"Pansear" IconPansear 10 Fire

Trainer Battle: Preschooler

Pokemon Level Type
"Pansage" IconPansage 10 Grass

Back outside, follow the route to the left where you’ll find an unavoidable pair of twins who want a scrap.

Double Battle: Twins

Twins Kumi and Ami

Pokemon Level Type
"Purrloin" IconPurrloin 10 Dark
"Purrloin" IconPurrloin 10 Dark

At this stage in the game there’s nothing much to learn about a double battle, simply focus your attacks to take one Pokémon down as soon as possible before damaging the other.

Once these foes are down, continue left and Cheren will catch up, forcing you into another fight.

Trainer Battle: Cheren

Pokemon Level Type Note
"Purrloin" IconPurrloin 12 Dark -
"Oshawott" IconOshawott 14 Water Only if you picked "Tepig" IconTepig
"Snivy" IconSnivy 14 Grass Only if you picked "Oshawott" IconOshawott
"Tepig" IconTepig 14 Fire Only if you picked "Snivy" IconSnivy

As with the first gym your new Pan monkey will give you the upper hand against Cheren’s choice of starting beast.

Once he is pacified Bianca will catch up with you. It appears that Team Plasma have kidnapped a little girl’s prize Pokémon, oh no!

Time to play hero. Run to the left and up to find a cave with Cheren standing outside, have a chat and follow him inside when you’re ready.

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