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Castelia City


The largest city the Pokémon world has ever seen, Castelia is a huge monument to all things progressive. Huge neon signs, an ice cream parlour, docks, Game Freak HQ, this place has it all.

Perhaps most crucial to note, there are quite a few trainers to test your mettle inside the city’s buildings so investigate, conquer, and reap the rewards.


Around town
TM44 Rest, TM70 Flash, TM45 Attract, Leaf/Fire/Water Stone (depends on your Pan Monkey), Yache Berry, Amulet Coin, Eviolite
Battle Company
Quick Ball, Timer Ball, Scope Lens, Revive, Hyper Potion, Exp. Share
Lottery man
Wide Lens, Everstone, Zoom Lens, Choice Scarf, PP Max, Master Ball
Studio Castelia
Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, Aspear Berry
Vending machine
Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Lemonade

Points of Interest

  • The Name Rater resides inside Castelia, letting you alter the nickname of any Pokémon you personally caught yourself.
  • The man at the top of Game Freak will challenge you every day once you finish the game. Watch out, his team of Level 75 Pokémon hit hard.


This is, quite simply, the largest single town in any Pokémon and it’s easy to get lost, so before we continue let’s get our head around some essential locations.

The Pokémon Center is located straight left, you can’t miss it, a girl will tell you about Geonet at the desk but otherwise heal up, get your essentials, and carry on.

Your first port of call is the gym, found in the left-most street.

The third gym is found in the left most pathway. Where the Pokémon Center is could be considered the seafront, or docks, and it has four alleys leading up, the gym is up the left-most street.

The gym is to the right up this route, try to enter and Cheren will greet you, he’s already got this badge it seems. After he’s done gloating the gym leader will inform you that Team Plasma are in town and that you should head to the pier.

Run back the way you came, almost to the Pokémon center, and take the route downward from the center.

Meet up with Bianca, Burgh, and another character. Team Plasma will soon make a mistake, so follow them! Head out onto the main area and run all the way left again towards the gym.

Team Plasma are pretty ballsy to have a hideout opposite the Pokemon gym…

Run up this street and you’ll spot some Plasma grunts guarding the building to the left, talk to them and have a fight!

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
"Sandile" IconSandile 17 Ground/Dark
"Sandile" IconSandile 17 Ground/Dark

After the fight head into the building after all your friends. You’ll be treated to a fairy tale by some rather menacing looking highups of Team Plasma, however they will scarper before anything much happens. After this Iris will give you a Berry and you can challenge the gym!

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