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So you saved the world, but guess what? Technically you didn’t beat the Pokemon League, because you never fought the Champion. Even though beating N who beat the Champion clearly should have made you the Champion. But presumably the paperwork was too complicated, as they want you to do it all again.

Which… wouldn’t be a problem if the Elite Four hadn’t suddenly brought out their real teams, which are 20+ Levels higher than what they originally had. Needless to say, it’s going to be rough… and it might be wise to do some other postgame content before demanding a rematch, lest you want a beating.

South-East: Marshal the Fighting-type Expert

Marshal the Fighting-type Expert

Pokemon Level Type
"Breloom" IconBreloom 71 Grass/Fighting
"Toxicroak" IconToxicroak 71 Poison/Fighting
"Throh" IconThroh 71 Fighting
"Sawk" IconSawk 71 Fighting
"Mienshao" IconMienshao 71 Fighting
"Conkeldurr" IconConkeldurr 73 Fighting

Marshall gains "Breloom" IconBreloom, who’s 4x weak to Flying, and "Toxicroak" IconToxicroak, who’s 4x weak to Psychic. If you have both these types in good condition, this battle shouldn’t cause much stress. But do watch out for "Sawk" IconSawk’s Sturdy ability (no OHKOs) potentially causing headaches.

North-East: Caitlin the Psychic-type Expert

Caitlin the Psychic-type expert.

Pokemon Level Type
"Reuniclus" IconReuniclus 71 Psychic
"Bronzong" IconBronzong 71 Psychic/Steel
"Sigilyph" IconSigilyph 71 Psychic/Flying
"Musharna" IconMusharna 71 Psychic
"Gothitelle" IconGothitelle 71 Psychic
"Metagross" IconMetagross 73 Psychic/Steel

Sleepy Caitlin adds "Bronzong" IconBronzong and "Metagross" IconMetagross to her roster. These Steel-types aren’t weak to Bug, Dark or Ghost moves, but a good Fire or Ground type will put them out of their misery. Her other Pokemon can be dispatched with the aforementioned types, but no Bugs for "Sigilyph" IconSigilyph.

North-West: Grimsley the Dark-type Expert

Grimsley the Dark-type expert.

Pokemon Level Type
"Sharpedo" IconSharpedo 71 Water/Dark
"Liepard" IconLiepard 71 Dark
"Scrafty" IconScrafty 71 Dark/Fighting
"Drapion" IconDrapion 71 Poison/Dark
"Krookodile" IconKrookodile 71 Ground/Dark
"Bisharp" IconBisharp 73 Dark/Steel

Grimsley’s "Sharpedo" IconSharpedo can easily knock the breath out of you, so throttle it with a fast Electric type or sturdy Grass type. His other addition, "Drapion" IconDrapion, has an interesting type combination; beat it down with Ground moves to ensure a safe win. His other Pokemon fall quickly to a strong Fighting type.

South-West: Shauntal the Ghost-type Expert

Shauntal the Ghost-type expert.

Pokemon Level Type
"Cofagrigus" IconCofagrigus 71 Ghost
"Jellicent" IconJellicent 71 Water/Ghost
"Froslass" IconFroslass 71 Ice/Ghost
"Golurk" IconGolurk 71 Ground/Ghost
"Drifblim" IconDrifblim 71 Ghost/Flying
"Chandelure" IconChandelure 73 Ghost/Fire

Spooky Shauntal has brought along "Froslass" IconFroslass, who’s also weak to Fire, Rock and Steel, and "Drifblim" IconDrifblim, who’s also weak to Electric, Rock and Ice. Again, Dark Pokemon will scare her ghosts away, or you can target their secondary types if that way’s safer.

Champion Alder

Champion Alder is formidable as you’d expect. However, you should be sufficiently experienced to pound his Pokemon into submission at this stage.

Pokemon Level Type
"Accelgor" IconAccelgor 75 Bug
"Bouffalant" IconBouffalant 75 Normal
"Druddigon" IconDruddigon 75 Dragon
"Vanilluxe" IconVanilluxe 75 Ice
"Escavalier" IconEscavalier 75 Bug/Steel
"Volcarona" IconVolcarona 77 Bug/Fire

Finally, the moment you’ve probably been waiting for: the chance to go toe to toe with Unova’s reigning Champion! If you beat N and Ghetsis (and Cynthia), beating Alder should be a doable task. Like most champs, his team is quite varied, so be sure to mix and match.

His toughest Pokemon are "Bouffalant" IconBouffalant, who’s a menace to all but Ghost and Fighting-types, and "Volcarona" IconVolcarona, who you should know very well from Relic Castle. Against this fabled Pokemon, Rock moves will do 4x damage or end it quick with Flying or Water moves before it gets pumped.

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