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Nuvema Town


As with any Pokémon title, the starting town is home to a tiny community of characters as well as a highly reputable Pokémon Professor. There’s little to do here except catch up with the Professor from time to time.


Around town
Xtransceiver, Town Map, Super Rod (postgame)
Professor Juniper
TM54 False Swipe, TM17 Protect, TM10 Hidden Power

Points of Interest

  • Once you complete the game, you can fight Bianca in the lab during Saturdays. She has a team of Level 63 and 65 Pokémon so don’t take her lightly (for once).
  • The Professor has some TMs to give you if you fill enough of the Pokédex.


With your friends dispensed with head downstairs and you’ll receive the Xtransceiver , the iPhone of the Pokémon world. Now head outside, and then to Bianca’s house in the bottom left. Watch Bianca get overly excited and then exit and head north to the lab to receive you brand-spanking new Pokédex .

As soon as it becomes convenient, visit the Professor from time to time to get goodies for your Pokedex progress.

Exit the lab and you’ll be gifted your next important item, the Town Map . That’s not all for pleasantries unfortunately; the Professor will soon guide you to a patch of grass and display the act of catching Pokémon. With all that sorted out and a few Pokéballs in hand it’s time to head north through Route 1 .

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