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Nimbasa City


One of the grandest cities in the whole of Unova, ignoring the gratuitous Castelia City. In terms of things to do Nimbasa actually offers more, between its fairground, musical hall, battle subway, and sports dome this is the go to place for any trainer.


Around town
Bicycle, HM04 Strength, TM49 Echoed Voice, Ultra Ball, Prop Case, X Attack, Macho Brace, Soothe Bell, Sun Stone, Vs. Recorder
Big Stadium/Small Court
Fresh Water, Moomoo Milk, PP Max, Rare Candy, Ultra Ball, Ether, Big Pearl, Max Repel, Max Revive, PP Up, Nugget

Points of Interest

  • The building to the left of the Pokémon Center is the ‘Battle Institute’, which lets you test teams under official conditions and get rated for your performance.
  • The Big Stadium and Small Court to the north feature sports-themed Pokémon trainers who vary according to the time of day. Some trainers give you items too.
  • The Musical Theater is a mini game where you can dress up your Pokémon and enter them into cutesy musicals. Good performance here results in fancy prizes.
  • The Battle Subway found here is an ultimate test of any trainer, letting you pit small groups of Pokémon against a barrage of opponents.


Before you’ve so much as taken a breath you’ll meet up with Team Plasma once more, and they’re still not happy to see you.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

After defeating Team Plasma again, you get a bicycle as a reward! Moving around will be much faster from now on.

Pokemon Level Type
"Watchog" IconWatchog 18 Normal
"Trubbish" IconTrubbish 18 Poison

For your efforts you’ll be given a Bicycle , how handy! No more slow running for us. Assign the Bicycle as a quick item as soon as possible from your bag so you can call it up in a moment’s notice.

Bianca will catch up with you as you head into town as well, prompting you to check out the Musical Theater, it’s all frilly and girly but a bit of fun on the side. The Pokémon Center is in the bottom of this area, slightly to the left of center.

You can acquire HM04 Strength in the house north-west from the Pokemon Centre.

If you don’t mind wandering off the beaten track, exit the city via the north east to reach Route 16 , where additional trainers and Pokemon can be found.

Similarly, if you’ve got time to kill, pop into the Big Stadium and Small Court along the north of Nimbasa for more Pokemon battles. Since you’ve got a gym challenge around the corner, the more experience the merrier!

Once healed head to the fairground to the right of town where you’ll catch up with the mysterious N who will take you to find Team Plasma on a Ferris wheel.

What he will actually reveal is that he, the green haired child, is the leader of the evil organization Team Plasma! As such, this prompts a Pokémon battle.

Trainer Battle: N

The identity of N is finally revealed!

Pokemon Level Type
"Sandile" IconSandile 22 Ground/Dark
"Sigilyph" IconSigilyph 22 Psychic/Flying
"Darumaka" IconDarumaka 22 Fire
"Scraggy" IconScraggy 22 Dark/Fighting

N’s team is somewhat awkward, with "Sigilyph" IconSigilyph proving rather nasty if you let it get its Psychic powers inside your mind. "Sandile" IconSandile is weak to Grass or Water, which you will have, "Darumaka" IconDarumaka will suffer to Water, while "Scraggy" IconScraggy is swift pickings for a Flying or Fighting Pokémon.

Once N has been sorted out head slightly left and you’ll see a rather extravagant glowing building, this is your next gym challenge.

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