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Inside is a Black Belt who demands a challenge before you can pass.

Trainer Battle: Black Belt

Pokemon Level Type
"Scrafty" IconScrafty 43 Dark/Fighting
"Mienfoo" IconMienfoo 43 Fighting
"Conkeldurr" IconConkeldurr 43 Fighting

Head up the next set of stairs. There is a Doctor here that you can beat to create a healing point.

Trainer Battle: Doctor

Creating a healing point by battling the Doctor will be useful as you trek through Victory Road.

Pokemon Level Type
"Gothorita" IconGothorita 43 Psychic
"Leavanny" IconLeavanny 43 Bug/Grass

Head past the Doctor to the left, around, then stop before the stairs leading up. If you have Strength, you may as well push the boulder into the hole to create another shortcut back. When you’re ready, head up the stairs.

Upstairs, heading south will take you outside, where you can drop down and enter the nearby cave for an item. After picking up this item, you can hop down the ledge immediately to the left to return to the Doctor and backtrack to the point before you dropped down.

Anyway, let’s assume you’re at the point where you just took the stairs going up in the Doctor’s room. Heading north–and not south–will lead you to a flight of stairs. Up these stairs, there will be a trainer nearby who you can either fight or avoid.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
"Klang" IconKlang 44 Steel
"Darmanitan" IconDarmanitan 44 Fire
"Seismitoad" IconSeismitoad 44 Water/Ground

Take the right hand exit. There are two slide points here, take the right hand one and enter the cave you arrive at. Follow the stairs up, the Veteran here can be fought or avoided again.

Trainer Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
"Gigalith" IconGigalith 45 Rock
"Eelektross" IconEelektross 46 Electric

Take the stairs you find and then head left, down the next flight of stairs. Downstairs, use the power of Strength to shove the boulder into the hole, creating yet another nifty shortcut. With the shortcut in place, go down a bit, then left.

If you encountered the Legendary Pokemon "Cobalion" IconCobalion at Mistralton Cave, there will be an entrance here to the Trial Chamber–inside, you will find another Legendary: "Terrakion" IconTerrakion .

Legendary Pokemon: Terrakion

Terrakion is another legendary Pokemon but you should have an easier time now you’re stronger.

Pokemon Level Type
"Terrakion" IconTerrakion 42 Rock/Fighting

Catching Terrakion is not dissimilar to catching Cobalion or "Virizion" IconVirizion. But now that you’re, hopefully, at a high Level, you should have an easier time standing your guard.

Terrakion and its fellow Legendaries would make great additions to your Pokedex and Elite 4-beating team, so check them out if you wish.

Return upstairs and exit to the south. Now run up the road towards the final confrontation…

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